When Barneys announced earlier this year that we were re-launching the playfully irreverent, cult-favorite Italian denim brand Fiorucci, we had no doubt that the reimagined collection would be a hit. The enthusiastic turnout for this past weekend’s Madison Avenue event celebrating the vintage-inspired yet oh-so-modern collection from the hottest brand of the ‘70s and ‘80s was enough to confirm that Fiorucci is back in a big way. Along with the brand’s new owners, business partners Janie Schaffer and Stephen Schaffer, we welcomed guests to grab a cocktail, shop the new collection, and have their buys personalized with either on-site custom embroidery or the application of patches that tapped into the brand’s rich history of colorful, youth-focused marketing. Scroll on for a closer look at the day’s festivities, then head to Barneys to see why Fiorucci is making the season’s best back-again denim.


Pictured: Sofia Sanchez de Betak

Pictured: Janie Schaffer, left, and one of her daughters, Daisy Schaffer. Janie, along with her partner Stephen Schaffer, purchased the Fiorucci brand and have been responsible for its incredible reinvigoration.

Pictured: Lisa Lupinski

Purchased pieces were custom-embroidered with messages of the wearer’s choice. A few favorite phrases included ‘Muchas Gracias,’ ‘Keep ya head up,’ and ‘Nope.’

A Barneys Uptown Girl wears her label proudly with her embroidered Fiorucci denim jacket.

Christophe Baldinger and Liz Rosen take a closer look at the newly launched collection.

Pictured: Hillary Duchovnay and Barneys’ VP of PR and Events, Ashley Calandra

Barneys’ assistant fashion director, Hannah Bibb, sports a pair of hand-painted, vintage-inspired Fiorucci jeans.

Kate Keith and Rachel Keith peruse the collection before picking out a few favorite pieces.

Two of the members of our women’s designer ready-to-wear buying team who had a hand in bringing Fiorucci to Barneys, Shelby Alt and Stephanie Pilevsky.

Barneys’ social media manager Candace Stewart falls in love with vintage cartoon characters.

Pictured: Tracy and Ashley Grimes

Pictured: Fashion stylist Logan Horne

Kristina Podvisotskaya and Tamara Fainblout have a moment of fun with the update to Fiorucci’s iconic cherub logo, which now sport shades.

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