Italy has long been noted as a manufacturer of some of the world’s finest goods, and as far as that applies to knitwear, you won’t find many names with deeper roots than those of Fioroni. With a factory and showroom nestled on the shores of Lake Trasimeno in central Italy’s Umbria region, the brand has been producing quality knitwear for decades and its own line of sleek, modern cashmere since 2008. But the family name goes back much further than that. We recently tapped Christian Fioroni to give us a tour of his own version of Umbria, sharing why it’s so special for both him and his family’s brand.

“The Fioroni family dates back to the 1800s, when my ancestors settled in Lombardy and were known as master saddlers,” Christian says when asked about the family’s storied past. “In the early 1900s, a part of the family moved to Umbria, where the family tree expanded to include painters, developers, and entrepreneurs—culminating in 1956 when my mother learned to embroider by hand in a monastery and passed on to me the passion for hand working with fine yarns. This skill is what our family name and brand are known for to this day.”

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“Our factory is located right on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, and we can draw from its iron-rich waters,” Fioroni tells us as he gazes out over the lake he loves. “The lake is our guiding star, our source of inspiration, and the natural properties of its waters contribute to the beauty of our exclusive prewashed Duvet cashmere yarn.”

Since Christian’s mother founded the company—she got it all started with a single employee and one knitting machine back in 1978—it’s grown to become one of the world’s most sought-after knitwear manufacturers, producing knits for countless luxury labels in addition to the eponymous Fioroni line. It’s his own line that Christian is most proud of, and one that he says is only possible as a result of its home territory.

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A craftsperson hand-stitches the label into each piece that Fioroni creates. “Umbrians are proud and hard-working people who have endured many difficulties throughout the centuries and have always had the strength to unite and to thrive. We also have a good predisposition for manual work, which is why Fioroni has always been able to find the finest weavers.”

“All Fioroni creations are reflective of a unique quality of lifestyle inspired by the scents, tastes, and colors typical of Umbria,” Fioroni says. “The pride and work ethic of its people, the beauty of its territory, and its rich history set Umbria apart from the rest of Italy and inspire all Umbrians in everything we do.”

And what they do better than almost anyone else is meld traditional craftsmanship with modern style and innovation to produce sleek, slim-fitting cashmere, the quality of which is unparalleled. Scroll on for a closer look at Fioroni’s Umbria, then head to Barneys to experience for yourself the cashmere that’s the result of the brand’s love for its home.

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“Our products are a result of a variety of factors: the work ethic of the people; the beauty, scents, and history of the territory; the waters of the lake. They all have contributed to making the Fioroni brand what it is today.”
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A close relationship to nature has always been central to life in Umbria and remains at the core of the Fioroni brand. The factory and offices are outfitted with large windows to make them feel at one with the surrounding countryside. “As I look out at the countryside surrounding the factory, it spoils me every day.”
“My favorite part of Umbria is from Lake Trasimeno to Assisi, through the historic center of Perugia. In between, the colors of the countryside fill me with joy.”
“Walking through these magical places brings me back to my early youth spent playing here.”

The town of Castiglione del Lago, named for the fortress around which it grew up, has been laid siege to for centuries due to its strategic location on various trade routes. That history has led to the development of impressive fortifications that date back to the early 1200s.

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Galleries and shops line the centuries-old streets of Castiglione del Lago. “The creativity, the paintings—there is so much artistic value in unexpected corners that most people haven’t yet seen, which makes them even more precious.”
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Christian Fioroni is as at ease nowhere else as he is in his hometown. “I feel joy as I walk through these surroundings, meet old friends, and sip a good glass of wine.”
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The finer things of Italian life extend beyond just cashmere! “The tastes of the products of our territory are unique and add to the wonderful atmosphere that we experience every day in Umbria.”
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“The peaceful appearance of the olive trees at Rocca di Castiglione del Lago makes me pause for reflection and everything around seems to stand still.”

Known as the Fortress of the Lion, the pentagonal-shaped castle was completed in 1247, and its strategic location has not only offered protection for centuries, but today offers unparalleled views of Lake Trasimeno.

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“Every time I visit Palazzo Corgna, I get great inspiration for my collections from the pastel color of its frescos. The perfect proportions of the paintings and the light radiating from them adds something magical to the surroundings.”

Connected to the castle by a secret passage way is Palazzo della Corgna, which was build as a palace for the local nobility but now serves as Town Hall for Castiglione del Lago. Its interior is adorned with frescos depicting, along with scenes from Roman and Latin mythology, the Battle of Trasimeno.

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“The unique characteristics of Umbria—the people, the beauty, and the history of the territory—will continue to be the indispensable backdrop to our growth,” says Christian Fioroni with true hometown pride.


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