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Guys, It’s Time To Freshen Up

Gentlemen, the time has come to up your game with our men’s team’s picks for the most overlooked aspects of your style routine.

We kicked off 2017 with our January essentials roundup highlighting pieces you’ll find only at Barneys, but as the year rolls on, our men’s team is taking a closer look at the details that make a man truly stand out. From your grooming routine in the morning to what you’re wearing to bed at night, these little touches are the ones that can sometimes go unconsidered when you’re on autopilot. So, time to snap out of it. Scroll through our team’s picks, and gauge your own opportunities to up your style routine and stay on your A game. After all, you made those New Year’s resolutions for a reason, so keep being the best man you can be throughout 2017.


This daily cleansing shampoo and conditioner is formulated to remove product, build-up, and debris—leaving your hair with an effortless comb-through.
DuFa is a newly introduced line of automatic watches at a price that can't be beat.
The coolest crop of designer socks.
Ultimate hold with matte finish that perfectly defines textured hair.
Don’t overlook the details—keychains are a luxurious update to an often-overlooked part of your wardrobe.
Reinforces the skin's tone and elasticity and effectively fights signs of ageing by neutralizing free radicals.
New year, new phone, new case.
This shave cream includes ingredients like menthol and tea tree oil to refresh and soothe dry winter skin.
Significantly reduces the appearance of age spots, discolorations, and dark blemishes.
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