Anthony Thomas Melillo, Founder of ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo 

“My perfect Father’s Day starts with me waking up after Lance (my husband), so the coffee would be ready. I’d pour my cup and sit outside on the terrace at our home in Miami Beach. Max, our 3-year-old, would wake up an hour later and give me a huge hug and kiss. I’d make our favorite pancake breakfast—Max and I do it together and it is always an adventure (and a mess). Then we’d pack up the toys and head to First Street Beach, a block away. We’d come home at noon to take a dip in the pool, and then Lance does a book and a nap with Max. After this, I’d go to Stretch Zone, then back to the pool for time with friends in the evening.”

Favorite family activity: “I love having a beach day. We live a block away and have chair and umbrella service. It really feels like a vacation.”

Best part about being a dad: “The amazing joy this little person’s life can bring to you. I never understood until we had Max. Such a gift!”

Biggest challenge: “Sometimes just not knowing what to do and winging it. Also, keeping him from being spoiled when all you want to do is say ‘yes’ to everything he wants.”

Father’s Day request: “Ordering in from Prime Italia for our guests and having dinner by the pool for the perfect family-style Father’s Day.”


Garrett Leight, Founder of Garrett Leight and Mr. Leight

“On my perfect Father’s Day, I’d sleep in and watch TV in bed. I’d take a walk down to our local farmers’ market, then head out to the park or beach for the afternoon for a lunch picnic. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to play some sort of sport together—basketball, baseball, or golf. We’d finish the day with a nice family dinner.”

Favorite family activity: “Getting ice cream and going to the park. Both things make them so happy it’s hard not to want to do it all the time.”

Best part about being a dad: “Just how much they love me. The kind of love they have for me, no one has ever had. I’m their hero, which is unbelievable.”

Biggest challenge: “Lack of sleep and the mental challenge of communicating their frustrations while using the rest of my brain for work.”

Father’s Day request: “I just want to watch the Sunday round of the U.S. Open live and in totality. Our man cave has two TVs in it, so the kids can watch cartoons next to me. That’s fine, as long as I can catch the whole round.”


Jerry Lorenzo, Founder of Fear of God

“My perfect day? I really love just hanging out at the house, whether we’re just watching a movie or swimming in the pool. Lazy days are the best days.”

Favorite family activity: “Going to my kids’ Little League baseball or soccer games.”

Best part about being a dad: “Being loved unconditionally, and loving unconditionally.”

Biggest challenge: “Not being available all the time. The balance of providing for a family and being physically and emotionally there is the constant struggle.”

Father’s Day request: “Please let me sleep in!”


Steven Dann, Co-Founder of Monfrère

“Although my son, Greyson, is only 3 years old, he is an old soul and extremely confident in an adult world. My perfect day with him would start with a tennis lesson at 9 a.m., then breakfast at the Madison diner. He loves Central Park, so we’d try to do that and visit the zoo before lunch at Freds, followed by a walk through the selling floors at Barneys. One of our styles is named after him, and he loves to see his name on the denim! My wife and I try to take him everywhere we go, so whether it’s Hillstone for dinner and a movie or Cipriani, he is always with us.”

Favorite family activity: “Traveling for us is paramount. That’s when I get to be with Greyson 24/7 and soak it all in and actually watch him grow.”

Best part about being a dad: “To see him happy and smile, see him learn and express himself legitimately lightens up my life.”

Biggest challenge: “Wanting to spend more time together.”

Father’s Day request: “Ironically, I feel strange receiving gifts. I have a beautiful family that I adore and everyone is healthy, so that’s the best gift of all time.”


Don Crawley, Founder of Just Don

“The best Father’s Day would be going to a museum, botanical garden, or the beach—an environment that either educates or lets us experience nature. I would love to picnic and have all veggies and fruit—I eat like that, but my kids complain. So in my perfect world they would love all the fresh veggies and fruits, and we’d play outdoor games in the park or by the pool.”

Favorite family activity: “I love to travel and enjoy nature. When I’m not working, we vacation and explore the world.”

Best part about being a dad: “Kids are so entertaining. Being a dad means I am always being entertained—I save a lot of money not having to go to concerts anymore!”

Biggest challenge: “You have to have a lot of patience, and I’m usually not a patient person, so I have to work most in that area.”

Father’s Day request: “For my kids to be obedient and listen!”


Chris Leba, Founder of R13

“My ideal day is spending time with my 2-year-old daughter, Bella, and taking her to our favorite secluded beach in Montauk. We’ll leave Manhattan really early so we can set up camp as quickly as possible, then spend the rest of the day lying out on the beach with the music blasting and just enjoying each other’s company. Bella currently loves to build sandcastles, and I can’t wait for the day when she is old enough to take surf lessons with me.”

Favorite family activity: “Bella is currently obsessed with The Sound of Music. We’ve watched it over a dozen times in the last few weeks. It’s become my favorite thing to do with my family, especially when we all sing along to Bella’s favorite song, “My Favorite Things.”

Best part about being a dad: “Receiving a hug and kiss from my daughter after an exhausting day at the office. My job is extremely time-consuming, but coming home to Bella’s gigantic smile really pulls on my heartstrings and brings me so much joy.”

Biggest challenge: “Right now the hard part is making sure that I’m raising a well-rounded child and that I don’t spoil her too much.”

Father’s Day request: “Hmmm… that Bella gets a little sister! Oh wait, Daisy is coming in September! My wish has been granted.”


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