Just like your wardrobe, your skincare and grooming routines may need to rotate with the seasons. So as you start contemplating summer’s gradual shift to autumn, you should also be taking a look in your shower and medicine cabinet to see where you made need to make a few tweaks to transition your products for the colder months ahead.

We turned to the founders of some of our favorite brands to find out how to make the most of your routine and keep your grooming on-point no matter what the time for year. Read on for insights into the need-to-know products and expert tips before heading over to Barneys to make sure you’re set for the season ahead.

Jeff Raider,


Harry's Thom Browne
“We like to keep the regimen very simple. At the top of the list (of course), would be a razor with sharpness, flexibility, and comfort paired with a shave cream that cushions and protects. “

Many guys ask us how do you properly shave. Here are a few tips: First, leave your shave cream on for at least a minute and a half before you start shaving. This will help to soften your hair (it’s as thick as copper wire—seriously) and will dramatically help reduce irritation. Second, get acquainted with your beard to get a sense of your stubble pattern. Everyone’s facial hair grows differently, and to minimize friction, it’s best to shave with the grain. Finally, if you’re looking for that super smooth shave, go lightly against the grain afterward.”

Martial Vivot,

Founder, Martial Vivot

"The Martial Vivot Shampoo is a universal shampoo for all hair types, that moisturizes and cleanses without harsh chemicals. The Martial Vivot Paste is strong enough for high-end styling—such as a pompadour—but is also perfect for creating the short and messy look."
“The Martial Vivot Shampoo is a universal shampoo for all hair types, that moisturizes and cleanses without harsh chemicals. The Martial Vivot Paste is strong enough for high-end styling—such as a pompadour—but is also perfect for creating the short and messy look.”

The cooler months are not as humid and are more drying to skin and hair, so you need to use conditioner and moisturizer. Also fly-aways become more common due to our heating systems which dry the hair out. A creme for the hair is perfect to calm them down. Also, be sure to keep the neck clean—as in free of hair—between haircuts.”

Kyle Hinton,

Prospector Co.

PROSPECTOR CO. Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil / PROSPECTOR CO. K.C. Atwood Aftershave Splash / PROSPECTOR CO. Burroughs Beard Oil / PROSPECTOR CO. Pure Badger Wood Chrome Handle Shave Brush

The details that others notice are what most guys aren’t paying attention to. Hands and nails, lips and teeth, these are sometimes overshadowed by shaving routines, pomading the hair and smelling good. Clean hands, a bright smile with soft lips, and fresh breath will be remembered even when a hair is out of place.”

Andrew Goetz,


Malin + Goetz shave cream
“Loaded with Vitamin E and amino-acid proteins to nourish the skin, and natural cooling menthol to sooth and calm the skin, you’ll almost begin to look forward to shaving. Great for those with sensitive skin, your skin will feel hydrated and healthy. It’s the true definition of a treatment shave.”

Cooler weather often means dryer weather, which begs for additional hydration.  It’s the perfect time to incorporate a hydrating serum in to your regimen. A small application of our Replenishing Face Serum will give you and extra burst of nourishing hydration. Apply prior to our oil-free Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, and your skin will be ready the new season. And while guys have gotten good at taking good care of everything from the neck up,  they often neglect moisturizing below the neck line.  Keeping your core and limbs hydrated and nourished is really important.  The reptile looks is something best left for the accessories department.”

Jeff Laub,

Blind Barber

Blind Barber Pomade
“To us, there is nothing better than a beer and a haircut so when formulating the strong-hold, 90 Proof Pomade, we made sure to pull the best out of the beer by adding hops, an ingredient rich in protein, providing the hair with additional nourishment and body. “

What three things should every guy have in his regimen? 1) Your pomade.  You can’t get sh** done if your hair isn’t done right. 2) A pair of beard clippers. 3)A good toothbrush.”

Obi Kaufman,

Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge Mojave
“Most men don’t even consider wearing a fragrance at all, because of the overwhelming nature of most colognes. Juniper Ridge products wear differently. You wear them for you and those intimately close to you.”

“Most guys aren’t paying attention to scent. We make colognes for men who might never have worn colognes. Consider our Mojave Backpacker Cologne. It isn’t about dabbing on a drop or so—it’s about splashing a puddle of the stuff across your jeans. Put it one like a man. It isn’t going to blow out the elevator or gross out the person next to you on the plane.”

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum
Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum: An Aloe Vera-based moisturizer that uses a complex blend of anti-oxidant ingredients to hydrate, soften, and protect the skin from free radical damage. It’s an appealing alternative to cream or oil-based moisturizers, with an exceptionally lightweight texture and a matte finish.”

“Simply put, every man’s regimen should include the following essentials for maintaining healthy skin: a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. The importance of toning cannot be overstated. It helps remove any grime or oil that remains after cleansing, and prepares the skin for hydration. It is also a way to help calm the skin after shaving – an essential step, which is often overlooked.”

Task Essential System Red  2013 Image
System Red O2 Regenerative Treatment works at night with the body’s natural renewal cycle to provide oxygen, nutrients, and anti-ageing elements that support the skin’s ability to renew itself. The skin’s texture is balanced, structure is strengthened, vitality is restored, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles is reduced.”

First, find a face cleanser that does not strip skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. Second, seek a daily moisturizer appropriate to your skin type. All skin types need hydration and protection against environmental elements. And third, get an eye treatment that hydrates and protects against environmental damage. The eye is the most sensitive area that shows the signs of ageing first. Refreshed eyes are key to an overall vital appearance.”

David Pirrotta,

Gentleman’s Brand Co.

Serums help protect your skin from damage, increase hydration and leave the surface softer and more pliable. Our “Face Serum is a lightweight formula that works wonders to revitalize and rehydrate the skin, leaving it supple and protected.”

“The three things every guys needs are an exfoliator, a facial serum, and a good scalp shampoo. Exfoliation is essential for removing dead skin cells and promoting circulation of the skin, and Gentleman’s Brand Co.’s Face Scrub leaves skin feeling cleansed and smooth, clearing the way for a closer shave.

Looking after your scalp not only helps combat and control embarrassing problems like flakes, but it also increases the overall appearance of your hair. SACHAJUAN’s Scalp Shampoo removes dry dandruff and itchiness while helping to maintain healthy moisture balance of hair and scalp.”


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