For two weeks a year, once in February and once in September, the streets of New York transform into a runway. During NYFW, all eyes turn to our hometown to see what the stylish set are sporting as they flit from show to show. Today, as we wrap up here in NYC and have our bags packed to head to London, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite NYFW street style looks as seen on some of our favorite personalities. And it turns out the looks have something in common: they all feature pieces from our own Barneys New York collection. Scroll on for a bit of street style inspiration, and for more of our favorite Fashion Week moments, follow #I❤NYFW.


Name: Lydia Haug
Occupation: Dancer/Model

Tell us a bit about the outfit you’re wearing today.
I love the tonality of the different hues of green together. I also just dyed my hair and the white boots match!

Name: Rosa Crespo
Occupation: Fashion Blogger

Which of the cities of Fashion Month is your favorite?
Both New York and Paris, the first and the last. You start off very energetic in New York since it’s just getting started, and there are all the new up-and-coming designers that bring modern concepts. Then Paris is couture, more classic, and it’s the big finale.

Name: Linda Hamouie
Occupation: Stylist

Fashion Week in February or fashion week in September?
September. I got my BFA in fashion design from Parsons, and fashion week in September always set the tone for the rest of the academic year. It’s a cathartic release for creatives to attend the shows, plus, fall fashion interests me more, so I love the chance to wear fur, textures, and layering as I attend the shows. As the weather becomes colder, more options come to life in my closet, so there are more choices of what I get to wear and express myself in.

Name: Kris-Ann Watson
Occupation: Model

What’s been your favorite part of Fashion Week so far?
Getting to participate in this story!

Name: Kamara Williams
Occupation: Writer

What’s your favorite thing about New York Fashion Week?
The street style—I get so much inspiration. There’s also just so much energy in the city in general during Fashion Week, and I thrive on that.

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