Next Sunday, the first half of Mad Men’s final season premieres, and we, for one, have some serious mixed feelings. We’re so happy to have it back—but the sooner it starts, the sooner it ends, and we are not ready for a TV world without Don, Joan, Roger, and our favorite advertising ingénue turned power player, Peggy Olson.

In honor of the new season, we asked Elisabeth Moss—the talented and stylish actress behind the impressive Miss Olson—to be our April Influencer and share her current spring shopping list. Of course, while we had her, we couldn’t help but ask about her favorite Mad Men fashion moments and her own personal style…

The costumes of Mad Men are such an integral part of each character and have become iconic in their own right. Has that changed how you feel about day-to-day fashion at all?

Elisabeth Moss: No, not really. I’ve always loved clothes and shopping and am a girly girl. My costumes on the show are very much about my character and her story and where she is in her life. What’s interesting to me is telling the story with the help of the costumes. That’s different for me than what I buy personally or wear on the red carpet. I guess I go to more events now that I’m on Mad Men, though!

What is your favorite Peggy costume you’ve ever worn on Mad Men?

EM: The original Peggy dress from season one. It was blue plaid and had a Peter Pan collar, dropped waist, pleated skirt, and buttons down the front—literally all of the traits of Peggy’s costumes in one dress. It was perfection.

Least favorite?

EM: The padding I wore in season one when Peggy was pregnant. I didn’t mind—it was actually fun! But it required me to wear some unfortunate wool plaid suits.

If you could switch wardrobes with anyone on the show, who would it be?

EM: Megan, obviously, because it’s the most modern.

With the Mad Men series (sadly!) coming to an end, will you be stealing any costumes to keep as mementos?

EM: I want to keep the ring I’ve worn for all seven seasons in almost every single episode on my right hand. If I can’t keep it, I will steal it. Not a problem.

If Peggy existed in 2014, what kinds of things do you think she’d wear?

EM: I think anything Liz Lemon—Tina Fey’s character on 30 Rock—wore.

Has playing that character influenced your own personal style at all—either by embracing the look of those eras or rejecting it completely?

EM: It definitely made me reject it for quite a few years, because who wants to go out wearing what they wore to work? You want to look different! Now I’ve gotten over that and wear whatever I like the most. I feel like I’ve shown that I am not Peggy and don’t have to worry about that anymore.

How would you describe your personal style?

EM: It very much describes my personality in that it’s 50% hard and 50% soft. I either wear pretty dresses and cardigans and sandals or jean shorts, white t-shirts and leather jackets (Rag & Bone is everything to me). But more than anything it’s very California, because I grew up here and although I have lived in New York for 12 years now, I have a very hard time with layering and winter wear. I prefer skirts, dresses and shorts ANY day.

What pieces in your wardrobe can’t you live without?

EM: Rag & Bone leather jacket and Rag & Bone booties. Dresses. Jean shorts.

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

EM: No more jackets! Flip flops!