While the clothes may take center stage during Fashion Week, we couldn’t help but notice the quiet wonder tool being used for hair backstage at Narciso Rodriguez’s Fall 2017 show. Lead hairstylist Anthony Turner created the grunge-inspired look using Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer, and we got the scoop on how this innovative tool is revolutionizing hairstyling.

Turner used the Dyson hair dryer to create the tousled style instead of a curling iron.

“The hair at Narciso is definitely following a trend that we’re seeing in New York,” Turner said. “It’s product-heavy hair with a slight attitude—there’s more product to give it that few-days-old effect. I was inspired by the girl who is too cool to care about her hair.”

To create an edgy faux-undercut effect, Turner braided a midsection of hair and pinned it to the scalp. This thinned out the hair and created chunky layers to add dimension to the bedhead style. Then, in order to create the lived-in texture, Turner added a lifting spray and a grooming cream to the models’ damp hair and used the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer to not only dry the hair, but to also create natural-looking waves.

Anthony Turner DYSON_UA10360
The midsection was braided and pinned to create an undercut effect.

“We’re not just drying the product into the hair, we’re creating a bend using the Dyson,” he explained. “I didn’t want to use a curling iron, because I didn’t want the curls to feel too perfect. So we’re using our fingers to mush the hair and using the Dyson to create this deconstructed wave.”

The tousled texture was hand manipulated and set with the dryer.

The Dyson Supersonic’s intelligent design features a clever microprocessor that ensures the heat stays consistent and—most importantly—at a temperature that won’t burn the scalp or damage the hair. “It means I can actually get the dryer close enough to the hair to be able to create that bend,” Turner explained.

He also used the magnetic Styling Concentrator attachment to focus the heat and airflow, which allowed for more efficient styling.

The multiple settings make the dryer suitable for all hair types.

Plus, with four heat settings and three air speeds, the Dyson Supersonic is completely customizable based on hair texture and the desired style. “It’s absolutely amazing for all hair textures,” Turner said.

For curlier or coarser hair, the team used the magnetic attachment and a brush to smooth the hair before going back and adding in the finger-manipulated waves.

The Supersonic’s sleek design includes magnetic attachments for a range of use.

The thing that impressed Turner the most about Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer? The lack of noise.

“It’s so quiet,” Turner said with a smile on his face. “We’re doing the hair and there’s no noise—and that, for my nerves alone, is fantastic.”

The Supersonic’s digital motor features an inaudible frequency and a rubber mount to help reduce vibrations from the motor hitting the case and causing noise. Dyson’s ingenious engineering and cutting-edge technology make for a device that looks as good as it functions.NarcisoRodriguez-Dyson-FW17-MJJ_5978

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