We’re betting that at this very second, wherever you’re reading this, you could be listening to music. We know we’re not alone with the sentiment that music truly fuels us—it energizes us in moments of slump, it comforts us when we need to revisit old hits, and it provides much-needed soundtrack while we’re on-the-go. So when music-streaming service TIDAL made its debut last year with a robust catalog (that’s 30 million songs and 75,000 videos that can be played on-demand), we knew to download it immediately.

What sets TIDAL apart from all the other noise is that the service is fully artist-owned with founding artists such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Madonna, Daft Punk, and Rihanna backing it up. So for us music imbibers, it means TIDAL delivers content to our ears and eyes exactly how these artists feel their music should be consumed: in hi-fidelity sound, hi-quality video. Plus, TIDAL connects artists directly with fans through exclusive programs, making music discovery easier and more accessible. “TIDAL is about no limits—you get to experience songs and videos the way the artist intended you to see and hear them, from all over the the world,” says TIDAL artist co-owner Usher. “It’s great to be able to explore and discover new stuff, hear and see real creativity, share in the reactions from fans, in a pure way.” And we here at The Window are getting in on the TIDAL action, too—with a fashionable spin, of course.

Check back as we kick off our monthly music series “Discover Tidal” where we tap into the TIDAL playlists of some of our favorite fashion designers. They’ll be sharing the new acts they’re listening to, how music inspires their workday, and the songs we need to play on repeat. “As two industries that pride themselves on inspiration and creativity, it’s inevitable that fashion and music are two worlds that are constantly overlapping,” says TIDAL Rising artist Mike Floss. “As a musician, I am always on the journey of defining my creative identity, which is often inspired by the incredible world of fashion.”

And if you can’t wait for our first “Discover Tidal” segment, start discovering new music by subscribing to TIDAL right now, for sound quality that’s sure to be music to your ears.Tidal