Photo: The Street Muse

In today’s technology-driven world, it seems everyone has an app they turn to when they’re commuting, have downtime between meetings, or simply seeking a distraction between point A and point B. Ever wonder what your favorite trendsetters are reading, playing, and swiping?

We wanted to solve the mystery, so we asked a few of the more tech-savvy members of the Barneys team to share their digital addictions. You might be surprised at which apps and gadgets have them hooked.

Mark Lee Digital Addiction

“I’m addicted to Words With Friends; I play with one famous designer who must remain anonymous.” -Mark Lee

*                 *                 *

Daniella Vitale Digital Addiction Our Team

“I read The Huffington Post for everything from politics to entertainment and a little snark. The interior design app Houzz is also a favorite of mine!” -Daniella Vitale

*                 *                 *

Simon Doonan Our Team Digital Addiction

“I am Insta-addicted. The concept of captioned photos works well for my deranged sense of humor.
Check it: @simon_doonan!” -Simon Doonan

*                 *                 *

Lillian Yim Our Team Digital Addiction

“I bike all around the city in the summertime and I love my Citi Bike app. I also love an app called FoodSpotting, which recommends restaurants based on your current location.” -Lillian Yim

*                 *                 *

Josh Lieberman Digital Addiction Our Team

“My most recent digital addiction is a wearable activity tracker called Shine, which tracks my daily activity and sleep. I find it fascinating to wake up each morning and see how well I slept the night before—even if it’s not completely accurate.” -Josh Lieberman

*                 *                 *

Charlotte Blechman Our Team Digital Addiction

Candy Crush, Candy Crush, and more Candy Crush. It’s become a serious point of contention in my house—so much so that my husband changed the iTunes password so I couldn’t purchase more lives, candies, and lollypops to finish certain levels. Clearly, patience is not one of my virtues!” -Charlotte Blechman

*                 *                 *

Tomoko Ogura Digital Addiction Our Team

“I love keeping tabs on my baby niece’s Instagram handle. I always scroll through when waiting for fashion shows to start.”
-Tomoko Ogura

*                 *                 *

Matthew Woolsey Our Team Digital Addiction

“I read The New York Times every morning on my iPad, which I keep in my Felisi camouflage case along with whatever novel I’m reading.”
-Matthew Woolsey

*                 *                 *


“As a new member of the Barneys team, it may not be a surprise that my favorite iPad addition is the Barneys New York app. The Window content looks stunning via hi-res Retina display, if I do say so myself. On days when I’m nose to nose with other commuters and reading is not an option, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!Marc Maronand Q2’s Mixtapes are my podcasts of choice.”
-Marissa Rosenblum