“We’re just posting what we feel from the heart and what people want to talk about—things that the industry is ignoring at large,” explains Tony Liu, one half of the notorious Instagram account Diet Prada. “It’s a space where everyone can come to talk. We have CEOs of luxury companies, supermodels, and celebrities reading and engaging.”

Sometimes the dialogue is lighthearted, like when they post outfit comparison photos calling out Kim Kardashian for copying Naomi Campell. Other times they’re shining the light on important issues, like exploitation and sexual abuse (their post this week went viral, inspiring many women to speak out and fashion photographer Marcus Hyde to shut down his account) or calling out cultural appropriation. Even Barneys hasn’t been spared a mention. And every time, no matter the subject, the comment threads create epic dialogues.

The Barneys Podcast host Noor Tagouri was familiar with Diet Prada, but it wasn’t until she herself turned up in their feed that she realized the extent of their reach. And no, Tagouri wasn’t copying someone—she was misidentified in Vogue magazine, and Diet Prada posted about it on their feed, calling out Vogue for their lack of representation.

On this week’s episode, Tagouri sits down with the duo, who met working in the fashion industry and started the account for fun, about how and why they post what they do—”It’s a gut feeling; we’re not just out there posting whatever information we get”—and how they reconcile the negative aspects of the cancel culture they’ve helped create.

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