Maria Cornejo
Photographed by Mimi Ritzen Crawford

“My children always inspire me to remain curious and engaged. They are my proudest achievement and the purest form of love.” Maria Cornejo


“Becoming a mother has reminded me to embrace the beauty of life’s simple pleasures! Watching Charlie discover new things for the first time continues to inspire us, each and every day.” -Laura Vassar, Brock Collection

AZEEZA Pandora Silk Crêpe De Chine Halter Gown

“Kamilla has redefined my sense of self and purpose. I feel like my determination to be successful is super amplified, being as she’s now the core of this journey. I really just want to provide her with positivity and culture so that she’s the best woman that she can be. I’ve never been so focused on the quality of life as I am now. Oh, and Dr. Seuss just may be on my SS18 moodboard.” Azeeza Khan

jennifer meyer 2

“Being Otis and Ruby’s mom is sort of like having my heart burst open with an insane amount of love every day! My kids influence me with their own unique style and self-expression in every aspect of my life, especially when I am designing jewelry. Whether it is initials, birthstones, hearts, or something with a secret engraving, I design pieces with a sentimental feel for every woman to wear and never want to take off. There is nothing better than wearing a constant reminder of the people who are special to you.” -Jennifer Meyer

Photographed by Jason Leiva

“It’s funny because the minute I had a child, all I wanted was jewelry with her name on it.” -Candice Pool Neistat, Finn Jewelry

Stephanie Seymour

“My mother played a huge part in my career, as she always encouraged me to follow my passions. I hope to do the same for my children because being a mother is such a gift—the greatest job I’ve ever had.” -Stephanie Seymour, Raven & Sparrow

Nili Lotan Children Barneys (1)[1]

“I try to set the example that it’s possible to function as a loving mother while still being able to accomplish goals for yourself as an individual. My kids are all in the arts, so they continually inform and inspire me and my work, and I’m extremely proud of them. All three actively contributed to the business!” Nili Lotan

winnie mothers day

“I have three really spirited boys, and our house is often busy and loud—full of life. Having a sense of humor as a mom is essential, and I really try to embrace all of the activity and enjoy it. Time is fleeting and I can’t believe how fast it goes, so I love being there for as many of the games, plays, and pick ups as I possibly can.” -Winnie Beattie, Warm


“All I ever wanted was to be married and have children. I’ve learned to be a partner from my husband and a problem-solving multi-tasker from my three children.” Brooke Garber Neidich

bonnie young

“My children inspire me to keep it real.” Bonnie Young

julie wolfe 2

“I have two daughters, Hannah and Evie. Over the years, empowering them and helping them find happiness have been my most important goals as a mother. Their friendship, strength, and sense of humor inspire me every day and certainly have helped to shape my work as an artist and designer.” Julie Wolfe


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