Tony Melillo, ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo


“A smile and a laugh goes a long way with a child. Seeing the joy they get from a happy face is just amazing.” 

Jerry Lorenzo, Fear Of God

jerry lorenzo

“I don’t remember much about what my father told me, but I remember everything he showed me. My dad walked with integrity every day and kept God at the center of everything he did. For my son and myself, it’s not so much about what I can tell him about life, but more about how I live my life. I know this will have the greatest impact on his.” 

Greg Lauren

greg lauren

“Sky once visited me while I was prepping for a fashion show and marched right over to an area where we were hand distressing and painting shoes. He said, ‘can I have a try’ and with complete confidence, grabbed the bottle and started spraying. It was not only adorable, it was perfect—his creativity took over with a smile on his face the whole time. Sky constantly teaches me to look at the world fearlessly, with an insatiable curiosity and sense of wonderment. The joy he has in discovering new things have made me change the way I take in what I see everyday, with a renewed sense of appreciation. In the truest sense of the cliche, Sky has taught me how to literally stop and smell the roses—oh, and he wants fewer holes and patches on some of the clothes we make!”

Walter de Silva

Walter De Silva
Walter and Emmanuelle with their children and grandchildren in Italy.

“I have five kids: Fabio, Elena, Beatrice, Julie, and Alexandre. They’ve helped me understand the responsibility and patience needed to raise a child. They’re all so different in character, yet so much alike and are united by creative thinking. While they all live in different cities, they are always ready to help each other. Having a stepfamily has taught us to be less ambiguous, and my wife Emmanuelle and I communicate the importance of education and the respect of objects, people, and all surroundings. As a family, we’ve all grown together in the world of aesthetics, beauty, and style—the world of design.” 

Ben Taverniti, Ben Taverniti Unravel Project

Ben Taverniti
Photographed by Joyce Bonelli

“I am so blessed and thankful for our precious angels, Raz and Kal-el. We went through hell and back while they were in the NICU for 5 weeks, as they were extremely premature. Today, they are healthy and more beautiful than we could have ever dreamed of. Every day, they remind me that life is the most precious and fragile thing we will ever own. Thanks to them, I am more alive and determined than I have been in my entire life. Everything we do is for them.”

Harvey Moscot, Moscot

harvey moscot

“Working every day with my son Zack, a 5th-generation Moscot, creates an incredible amount of enthusiasm and energy, and it maintains my relevance in multiple forms. Since he has formal design training and is our Chief Design Officer, he brings a unique perspective to my day-to-day business approach”. 

Patrick Johnson, P. Johnson

P Johnson 2

“Having a child has helped me become much more patient. We’re all in such a rush, but children aren’t at all. It forces you to slow down and really appreciate all the lovely small moments you have with them every day.” 

John Vizzone, Cifonelli


“My son Johnny and daughter Lea have taught me compassion, patience, and tolerance.” 

Filippo Crosara, Officina51

Filippo officina 51

“When you become a father, it’s the biggest change you will ever undergo in life. You soon discover that you have to turn your eyes outside and beyond yourself. That’s when I really began to see the world. My kids, Maria and Cristiano, have tought me that the world is not only made for us, and that we have to take care of it as much as we take care of our children. This idea and responsibility applies to my work and to the way we make our products.” 

Mike Amiri, Amiri 


“The most important thing my children have taught me is to color outside the lines.” 


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