Stepping into the Jardins du Palais Royal last night guests were immediately transported from Paris to the whimsical and irreverent world of Delvaux. The party’s theme was “la Belgitude,” meaning that it was a celebration of all things Belgian, and considering the luxury House was founded in 1829 before the birth of its nation, it’s about as Belgian as you can get. For the occasion, a collection of seven mini handbags were unveiled—the Miniatures Belgitude—and each one was themed to symbols of a Belgian city. Guests enjoyed Belgian chocolates and Beer, as well as an energetic performance by Belgian singer Alice on the Roof. “Everything is 100 percent Belgium, except for the pink flowers which are a tribute to the Palais Royal,” Zeller told us proudly.

“Delvaux continues to amaze us with their creativity and spirit—forever evolving this venerable leather-goods house.  Last night was a welcome respite from the relentless Paris rain!” said Barneys New York CEO Daniella Vitale. Scroll on for highlights from the memorable party.


Barneys New York CEO Daniella Vitale and Delvaux Artistic Director Christina Zeller

Chairman of Delvaux Jean-Marc Loubier

Jean-Marc Loubier, Gay Gassmann, and Hedieh Loubier

Frederic de Broglie and Christina Zeller

The Miniatures Belgitude collection

Hedieh Khakbaz Loubier, Jean-Marc Loubier, and Sabrina Fung

Didier Vervaeren and Lynn Yaeger

Stephen Jones

Elisa Nalin

Alice On The Roof performing live at the party

Audrey Fleurot

Hande Kodja

From the Miniatures Belgitude collection

From the Miniatures Belgitude collection

Alice On The Roof, Christina Zeller, and Alex Vizorek

Maria Teresa Teixeira da Costa, and Anais Konde-Lengo

Delvaux CEO Marco Probst

Candela Novembre

An Pierle

Emilie Dequenne, Deborah Francois, and Soko

Charlotte Collard

Natacha Polaert

Yasmine Eslami

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