When the artistic director of the world’s oldest luxury leather goods brand comes to town, it draws the chicest of crowds. And when that director is as stylish and elegant as Delvaux’s Christina Zeller, the throngs of devotees grow even more zealous. That’s why, when we were celebrating Delvaux this month, we spread the love by hosting both a private dinner in New York and an intimate luncheon in Beverly Hills.

Founded in 1829, the Belgian house of Delvaux has garnered new attention since Zeller came on board in 2011. Since then, the collection of hand-crafted bags has earned a new crop of enthusiasts among its followers, in addition to the women who’ve been devoted to the signature styles for years.

To kick things off, the New York dinner epitomized this old-world/new-school mash up with its hosts: the legendary model Carmen Dell’Orefice and jewelry designer Zani Gugelmann. The ladies were joined at an intimate dinner in Freds Downtown by a well-heeled crowd including designer Victor Alfaro, Jessica Joffe, and Glenn O’Brien, in addition to Barneys’ own senior management team.

The party continued as Zeller winged her way westward for a luncheon at Freds Beverly Hills, hosted by the mother/daughter duo Ann and Annabella Dexter-Jones. While both ladies are true New Yorkers, they opted to host in L.A. to make it a family affair, as they were joined by Ann’s other children, Alexander Dexter-Jones and Mark and Samantha Ronson. Guests including Tracey Ross, Alana Stewart, and Nathalie Love rounded out the swank soirée.

Scroll on for a closer look at all the festivities, then head to Barneys to check out the full line of luxuriously crafted and insanely stylish Delvaux accessories.


Starting off in New York, Delvaux‘s Artistic Director Christina Zeller, along with the dinner’s hosts, Zani Gugelmann and Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Among the evening’s guests were Diane L. Ackerman, Francois Halard, and Peggy Leboeuf.

Barneys’ own Jennifer Sunwoo, Mark Lee, and Sarah Blair.

Delvaux’s standout clutches were on full display with Vega Roya Villanova, Zani Gugelmann, Jane Keltner de Valle, and Zoya Loeb.

Delvaux’s Christina Zeller and Natacha Polaert.

Simon Doonan embraces the feeling of spring by seamlessly pairing florals and fringe.

Barneys COO Daniella Vitale shares a moment with Christina Zeller.

The atmosphere at Freds Downtown lent itself to an intimate feel for the dinner.

Guest Charlotte Kidd shares a laugh during the candle-lit soirée.

Moving on to Beverly Hills, Zeller is joined by the luncheon’s hosts, the dynamic mother/daughter duo of Ann and Annabella Dexter-Jones.

Delvaux pride in full effect with Jane and Courtenay Semel.

Rachel Zalis is all smiles in Beverly Hills.

Mark Ronson and Alexandra Parker, along with Alexander and Ann Dexter-Jones.

We’re having a major black and white moment with Meredith Darrow, Lauren King, and Jena King.

Florals also made an appearance out west, with a dazzling, ceiling-mounted arrangement creating a light, fresh space.

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