Any new bag by storied house Delvaux is cause for celebration. And, when it’s an oversized, smartly patterned tote that can schlep your world to the beach and back, it’s definitely time for a party. So model Anna Cleveland, a longtime friend of the brand, threw herself one on the windswept beaches of Belgium as part of the label’s new video campaign. Showcasing the D to D‘s exceptional capacity, Cleveland appears to have packed the entire contents of her home and then some into the tote in the tongue-in-cheek film.

Sartorial humor aside, the D to D pairs signature brand details with a modern silhouette, a fresh approach for the century-old house. “The shape of the bag is entirely new, but the D handle is part of Delvaux’s heritage,” says Christina Zeller, Delvaux’s Artistic Director. “Delvaux is known for combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques.”

Featuring canvas that was developed exclusively in Italy, the D to D is durable yet elegant. And it’s designed with short carbon fiber handles and longer grained leather straps so it can be carried multiple ways. “It’s not a stiff bag—it’s a bag that molds [to] you,” says Cleveland, who explains that comfort comes first in dictating her shopping decisions. “This is definitely a bag that can take a ride.”

“I’d say the D to D is surprising, versatile, and functional,” Zeller adds. “It is a must-have bag with its many different possibilities of use. Perfect for any and all lifestyles!” And thanks to its waterproof coating, this tote is ready to hit the waves—or any other place your adventures may take you. “It’s an iconic piece that will be with me along many journeys,” affirms Cleveland. Parasol and cello optional.


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