What’s cooler than a bag fit for a queen? According to Delvaux’s Artistic Director, Christina Zeller, a bag fit for a picnic and for a queen! With that in mind, she’s introduced the new Cool Box bag, exclusively available at Barneys. After all, the woman at the helm of the storied maison knows a thing or two about living royally. Zeller is married to a French prince herself, Prince Frédéric de Broglie from the House of Broglie. But she is certainly more of a modern-day princess who juggles a dynamic career and busy lifestyle. “We all know the importance of multitasking,” says Zeller matter-of-factly. “The Cool Box is therefore a functional, light bag to fit a woman’s lifestyle. It can be elegant carried by delicate handles—or, by adding the leather shoulder strap during a busy day, it takes on a more casual look. And the deceiving size can contain more than you might think.”

The Cool Box gets its name because it humorously reminds Zeller of an insulated picnic basket. But there’s a double meaning, too: She also thinks it resembles the bags used to carry crowns, hence the royal connotations. The body of the rectangular bag is made from a single piece of leather, a construction first for the Belgium leather-goods house. “The leather is cut in a precise way, and by folding it, we get the box shape,” says Zeller.

The unique construction features an easy-access zip pull opening decorated with the signature D-shape hardware and hand-painted edges. Thanks to its structure, it also feels very sturdy despite being soft to the touch, which Zeller assures is owing to Delvaux’s “high standards of exceptional quality leather specific to the savoir-faire of the Maison.” Exactly what modern women, princesses, and professionals have come to expect from Delvaux.


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