Dapper Dan arrives to the studio to record his episode of The Barneys Podcast in head-to-toe Gucci with a little pin of himself on his satin lapel, a souvenir from this year’s Met Gala, and he immediately lives up to every expectation. Not just because of his incredible swagger and flair, but because the moment he starts talking you’re transported back in time. As host Noor Tagouri (pictured) puts it, “A movie couldn’t even dream up his stories.”

Throughout the episode, Dapper Dan, born Daniel Day, brings to life the high-flying Harlem of the ’80s, when his tailoring shop was the place to get one-of-a-kind counterfeits, which he called “designer knock-ups,” and he dressed everyone from rappers to gangsters. “When I looked at a Gucci bag and a Fendi bag, I saw the symbols on the bag and the gravitational force it had on the people. I saw what it could look like if I created it, if I refashioned it,” he explains of his approach to luxury fashion that got his shop raided back then but has garnered him a seat at the table now. Tune in to find out what growing up was really like, how he channels his anger for positivity, and even what books he’s reading. And if you’re left wanting more stories, his memoir, Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem, came out this week.

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