Photographed by Keith Morrison.

Pictured above: Lyndsey Zorich and Tamar Mendelssohn.

The fact that Valentine’s Day falls smack in the middle of New York Fashion Week and a Polar Vortex is a far from a romantic scenario. Needless to say, the fashion set always puts their best iridescent Nike forward and makes best of even the chilliest schedule. After all, it’s easier to sacrifice date night when you’ve got your best industry buddies by your side to make that icy walk through Lincoln Center an excuse for a laugh—and, of course, a photo op. From matching hair to matching jackets to Tommy Ton giving Phil Oh an affectionate nuggy, if these fashion week snaps don’t warm you up, your heart might be colder than New York City is today (single digits if you’re wondering).

barneys-couple-story-12Pictured: Thania Peck and Paola Alberdi.barneys-couple-story-06Pictured: Vanessa Hong and Quan Mai embracing the Beckerman sisters.

barneys-couple-story-07Pictured: Samantha and Caillianne Beckerman.

barneys-couple-story-17Pictured: Dani Witt and Franzi Mueller.

barneys-couple-story-15Pictured: Ashley and Sam Owens.

barneys-couple-story-20Pictured: Annie Georgia Greenberg and Piera Gelardi.

barneys-couple-story-24Pictured: Emma Wyman and Elizabeth Fraser Bell.

barneys-couple-story-22Pictured: Sarah Slutsky and Preetma Singh.

barneys-couple-story-26Pictured: Phil Oh and Tommy Ton.

barneys-couple-story-09Pictured: Tamara Kalinic and Sandra Hagelstam.

barneys-couple-story-04Pictured: Kelly Reid and Eric Coles.

barneys-couple-story-05Pictured: Tamu McPherson and Megan Reynolds.

barneys-couple-story-19Pictured: Andrew Bevin and Jhene Aiko.

barneys-couple-story-21Pictured: Christina Cardona and Serena Goh.



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