As a consumer, we’re extremely mindful as of late, whether it’s connecting with the ethos behind our favorite brands, taking a more thoughtful approach to what we’re putting into our bodies, or being extra selective of the products we use. In an age of wellness, having a social conscience is as smart as it is chic, from a likeness for labels with a reduced carbon footprint to veering organic both with diet and products. So, naturally, this sharpened awareness is applicable when it comes to a beauty regimen.

In the spirit of consciousness, Barneys New York is introducing a new suite of beauty brands catering to this health-minded practice. Made up of skincare and nutricosmetics (a.k.a. digestible products), this clean beauty category features brands that are free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals, as well as ingestibles that contain nutrients designed to improve the appearance of hair, skin, and nails. These two categories work together to provide an overall look and feel of wellness—what could be better than that?

With brands like RahuaDavines, The Organic PharmacyTrue BotanicalsRodinlilah BKjaer Weis, and Allies of Skin already on the Barneys New York conscious roster, we’re introducing 10 new beauty lines, including Nuori, Oskia London, de Mamiel, Aurelia Skincare, Pure Elixir, DNAEGF Renewal, Moon Juice, WelleCo, Rejuvenated, Grown Alchemist.


To help inform you on the philosophy and benefits of conscious beauty, we tapped our in-house beauty experts Jennifer Miles, VP Cosmetics, and Cosmetics Buyer Mirella Siciliano to explain exactly what defines “clean beauty” and why it’s worth exploring. With their expert intel and curated suite of conscious products, you’ll be able to shape a self-care routine that is environmentally sound, effective, and gratifying.

About the Barneys New York conscious beauty edit
“When we started putting this assortment together we looked for clean brands that really delivered results and had a point of difference,” says Miles. “We looked at the ingredients, the story of the founder, and the efficacy of the brands.”

The importance of conscious beauty
“Consumers today have a greater awareness and demand of ‘clean’ ingredients in their skincare, says Siciliano. “Our conscious beauty launch is our way of being mindful of their needs by providing product alternatives that will adapt to their lifestyle. The most important aspect of this launch is that we have this amazing opportunity to educate through the introduction of our new brands founded by precursors of the conscious beauty ‘mission’.”

Miles adds, “The conscious beauty products today are made up of ingredients that are not only safer for you but are also some of the most powerful and effective ingredients you can use.”

The benefits of nutricosmetics
“Nutricosmetics can help the products that you apply topically perform better, explains Miles. “This category is becoming so important because customers are aware of what ingredients can be harmful with long-term use and are reading labels more than they did in the past.”

Siciliano adds, “Nutricosmetics is such an exciting category. We have the opportunity to share with our consumers this new beauty concept of how looking younger can also be achieved from the inside. We want to feel good and look good, and in our fight for longevity we will continue to have increased knowledge of how important our health is directly related to the beauty of our hair, skin and nails.”

You don’t have to overhaul your beauty routine to reap the benefits of conscious beauty. “You can start slowly,” says Miles. “Add a supplement every day or change your moisturizer or serum. It can be scary to some people to completely change their entire regimen all at once. That’s why these products are so great because you can choose where to start, and we plan to provide our customers with plenty of information to guide them through the process.”

Siciliano adds, “We offer a variety of formulations that are fast and easy such as a pill or powders that you can sprinkle on your salad or mix in with your coffee.”

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To learn more about Barneys New York conscious beauty products, join us at our Madison Avenue store for a series of kick-off events:

Saturday, March 3 – Elle Macpherson of WelleCo

Saturday, March 10 – de Mamiel and Moon Juice

Saturday, March 24 – DNA Renewal + Oskia

Saturday, April 7 – Pure Elixir + Organic Pharmacy

Saturday, April 14 – Rejuvenated + Nuori

Saturday, April 21 – Grown Alchemist + Aurelia

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