If the pen is mightier than the sword, then your mobile device is mightier still. That’s because, thanks to a new app launched jointly by Barneys New York and the creative minds behind Connor Stationery, you can now send personalized notes, cards, and invitations directly from your computer, iPhone, or iPad. Add into the mix the ability to also send handwritten paper cards directly from your device, thanks to personalization technology developed by Bond, and you’re left with one mighty app.

Known for their urbane cards and stationery featuring whimsical designs, Connor has long been at the top of the field in luxury correspondence. With hand-stamped engravings and rich, creamy paper stock, Connor’s note cards and invitations have long been the go-to of the chic set. With the new app, this same level of taste and sophistication is now available digitally.

Users are able to create, send, and track custom cards and invitations, selecting from a curated selection of design options. With the ability to select artwork—your own or the designs provided—font, color, and format, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. And once invitations are sent, the app also allows you to manage the guest list, track RSVPs, and chat with guests through either group or individual messaging.

Since paper cards will never go out of style, the app can help you there, too. Thanks to Bond, a NY-based tech company, you can create personalized paper notes, handwritten on Connor’s top-notch stock with the smooth flourish of a Montblanc fountain pen, and sent directly to the recipient. This is possible thanks to Bond’s handwriting robot—yes, robot!—that recreates a variety of handwriting fonts and even varies the pressure applied to the paper, just like real handwriting.

Many options within the app are free, and a selection of card designs retail for $1.99. For invitations, a flat rate of $4.99 covers an event, regardless of the number of invitees. Handwritten cards by Bond are only $9.99 each, inclusive of postage.

Scroll on for a closer look at the inner workings of this versatile app, then head to the App Store to download today.


Available for all computer systems, iPad, or iPhone, all versions of the Connor app seamlessly integrate for one smooth experience.

With cards themed to any occasion, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your needs.

For card and invitations in the app, text can be personalized as far as font, format, and yes, even color.

A small sampling of Connor‘s beautifully crafted emblems available for cards and invitations through the app.

An easy-to-use interface was central to both the development and design process of the app. Here, the side navigation bar shows the various capabilities, from storing your address book to purchasing physical Connor stationery to be shipped directly to you.

Sending invitations is as easy as entering relevant details and customizing your layout. From there, you can message guests, track who’s RSVPed, and even asks questions of your guests like song requests or favorite cocktails. A chic soirée is sure to follow.

Your RSVP list has never been easier to manage, and both group and private messages can be exchanged directly within the app.

Photo courtesy of Bond.

Bond‘s technology allows for truly personalized, handwritten notes to be sent directly from your mobile device.

Photo courtesy of Bond.

No detail goes unattended, as Bond‘s handwriting robot even uses a Montblanc fountain pen for a luxurious finish to your correspondence.

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