Remember when Aleksandr “The Russian” Petrovsky writes Carrie a handwritten note to go for a walk through Central Park on Sex and the City? If you don’t, go binge-watch immediately and allow us to refresh your memory: It was delivered via USPS on quality paper, stamp and all. Seems antiquated and a bit grand of a gesture—that was, after all, his “thing”—but we think he may have been on to something. At this point, Carrie’s feelings toward the sexy older artist were tepid at best (never forget their 2 a.m. date when they went to an empty gallery). But once she receives his thoughtful request, ever the romantic, she swiftly accepts—and the rest is HBO programming.

Granted this episode took place in a prehistoric world before the birth of iPhones and social media, human nature and emotion (we’d like to think) still prevail above all. In that sentiment, allow us to reintroduce you to the art of letter writing. To get you started on the right path, we’ve teamed with the stationery experts at Connor for a customizable Mad Libs–inspired template. Simply fill in the blanks to create meaningful communication of your own.



Doesn’t matter if it’s a spoonful or an entire bowl—love is love.



The biggest spark of joy is appreciating the greatness around you.




There’s no accomplishment too small to celebrate.



In this case: Postage stamp optional.



Nothing says “secure” like being able to apologize.