When designing her eponymous collections, Lisa Perry has always been able to thoughtfully create pieces that feel both classic and modern at the same time. She brings that same playful freshness to  Connor x Lisa Perry, a collection she designed in collaboration with Barneys’ elegant, in-house stationery line Connor.

“I love this collaboration—it’s so happy and fresh,” says Perry, adding that she had more in mind than fun cards. “My goal is to start getting people to write notes again. I feel like every communication now is an email, but it’s really nice to send and receive a note. And it doesn’t have to be so serious; it can just be short and fun. That’s what we want to be getting in the mail.” We couldn’t agree more!

CONNOR Dot Notecard Set
CONNOR Dot Spiral Notebook / CONNOR Circle Spiral Notebook / CONNOR Dot Notepad & Pencil Set / CONNOR Dot Notecard Set



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