An invitation sets the tone for an event—the choice in stationery conveys a point of view and paves the way for an occasion’s aesthetic. When Casey Sullivan Bressan, Barneys’ Director of Business Development, got engaged last year, she immediately turned to Connor’s bespoke stationery services. Together with Connor representatives, she put together an entire wedding suite, choosing and personalizing every element—the paper stock and size, the dies and plates, the ink color, envelopes, and lining. Below, she tells The Window about the process, and—of course—the big day.


The Window: Give us a little background on your engagement.
Casey Sullivan:
Andre and I met in Hong Kong. I was working in fashion and he in finance. We’d both been living there for two years, almost to the day, when we met. A year later, we moved to New York together, and a year after that we got engaged at Le Sirenuse in Positano, one of my favorite places in the world.

How did you decide on a place and theme?
Andre is from Sydney, and I am from Massachusetts, so choosing a location was difficult, as anywhere on the map would be between our two families. We decided on Puglia in the Southeast of Italy, since his dad is Italian, and we love that part of the world. After about four months of planning, we actually switched ideas entirely in favor of a 3rd of July wedding in Duxbury, Massachusetts, where I grew up. It’s a quintessential New England town, and we just loved the idea of bringing everyone to our American seaside escape for an incredibly fun holiday weekend.

You did the entire Connor Suite—tell us about that process. How hands-on was it?
I knew I wanted Connor invites from the second we got engaged, as the paper and engraving quality just sets a gorgeous tone for the entire wedding and is the first tangible piece of the event in the hands of the guests. What I didn’t realize was how much they offer until we went into the Barneys Madison Avenue flagship to meet with a representative. The real fun was selecting the engraving—two egret birds with their heads intertwined—which I treated as a sort of mascot.

What did you think of the results?
I couldn’t be happier with the result. Once we approved, they arrived in just under two months. They definitely elevated the entire wedding experience. The best part for me was the connection and input I had with regard to the design. Next, I plan to order personal stationery with the engraving. These egrets now represent our marriage, and I feel so connected to them!

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“My wedding suite included save the date, invitation, RSVP cards, ceremony cards, menu cards, place cards, and seating cards. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“The vibe ended up being highly influenced by all the planning we did in Italy leading up to the change, so there was a lot of olive green, washed dusty pink, and stark white. We turned a New England boathouse into a European holiday without losing the authenticity of the location. It was incredible.”

“One of the Connor house dies is two birds with their heads intertwined, which to me was so romantic and reminiscent of the egrets you’ll see in the marshes of Massachusetts. Turns out the die is called Two Flamingos, but they’ll always be egrets to me and my guests.”

Connor menu cards

Connor guest seating cards

“The day was unimaginable, it was so perfect. It’s hard to put into words, but every detail fell into place, seemingly by magic. That’s how great events are though—you work so hard up until the date and on that day, it all flows wonderfully.”

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