A 7 a.m. call time to shoot spring pieces on a freezing Tuesday morning might be off-putting to some, but Lisa Przystup arrives to set breezy and warm. The shoot is at Greenpoint’s newest plant shop, Greenery Unlimited, just a few blocks from the Brooklyn writer’s apartment. As Przystup eases into a hanging chair wearing that day’s first look—Co’s marigold dress in a relaxed silhouette—she turns her face toward the soft sunlight trickling through lush, green leaves, and suddenly it feels like spring has truly sprung.

CO Slub-Weave Shirtdress / THE ROW Coco Suede MulesANNI LU Star And Pearl Drop Earrings

And nobody is more relieved to welcome spring than Przystup. “If you happen to catch me between the months of November to April all you’ll see is a large black puffy coat huffing down the street,” she says, making no secret of her contempt for winter. “I envy those who have the tenacity and internal body temperature that allows them to peacock all winter long.” Instead, Przystup comes to life as the weather warms, allowing her to slip into the low-maintenance, minimal styles she loves. “Everything about transitioning to warmer weather is the best. I love the freedom of walking out of the apartment with nothing but a dress on. No layers, no effort.”

CO Palm-Print Cotton-Silk Pleated Dress / HIROTAKA Manhattan Earring / THE ROW Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag
CO Palm-Print A-Line Cotton-Silk Tunic Dress / JULIE WOLFE Shell & Opal Drop Earring

She might as well be describing Co’s Spring ’19 collection, which is made up of easy pieces in relaxed silhouettes that offer comfort without sacrificing polish. They’re wardrobe building blocks that make quiet statements thanks to clever silhouettes and prints—pieces you can slip on with sandals or boots and face whatever a spring day has in store. Przystup concurs: “I love how minimal and simple this collection is—so effortless, right up my alley.” A quick swipe through her beautiful Instagram feed proves just how effortless her personal style is (and also indicates that she’s not as lazy about winter dressing as she insists).

Przystup splits her time between the city, where she has a day job writing for a fashion brand, and a home in the Catskills, where she flexes her love of interiors as she thoughtfully fills out her space, sharing progress images with her followers along the way. “I love the challenge of making a house a home—creating a warm, welcoming place that also embodies a certain level of style.”

CO Cashmere Sweater / Drawstring A-Line Midi-Skirt / THE ROW Coco Leather Mules / IRENE NEUWIRTH Pearl Hoop Earrings

It seems creating a warm, welcoming space comes easily to Przystup, whose good nature and intuitive taste breathes life into both the lush set and Co’s collection, making the early morning shoot a breeze. As for whether one of the plants on hand will be breathing life into either of her homes any time soon, Przystup laughs with hesitation. “Sadly, my track record with keeping green things alive is pretty hit or miss.” Luckily, spring is on her side, and said green things will soon be all around.

CO Gathered Floral Silk Belted Dress / CARBON & HYDE Earrings



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