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Between the spectacular food spreads, dazzling light displays, over-the-top gift giving, and tales of flying reindeer and the like, the holiday season has a way of bringing out our most imaginative selves. So who better to partner with this time of year than the outrageously creative husband-and-wife duo of director/writer/producer Baz Luhrmann and costume and production designer Catherine Martin?

For BAZ DAZZLED, Luhrmann and Martin have imagined a whole fantasy universe of woodland creatures (keep an eye out for a hip and slightly deviant squirrel who goes by the moniker SQRL), dancing elves, snow spirits, and other colorful and cheerfully festooned characters. Thursday—yes, tomorrow—is when the big reveal of the holiday windows and BAZ DAZZLED collection takes place, but to put you in the mood, we’ve asked Catherine to tell us about how she and her family catch the holiday spirit here in New York. Hint: It involves piling the kids and mom into a car and lots of cocoa.

“I think the trick is to get an SUV,” she says. For the best viewing experience, “you need a bit of height.” (The Window team took note of this practical indulgence and now has EmpireCLS on speed dial.) Read on for her itinerary for the perfect holiday spent rolling through NYC and make sure to do as “CM” does and have a bottle of bubbly chilled and ready to celebrate the good times had at the end of the day.


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Catherine Martin’s Holiday In NYC

Manhattan On Wheels
“The trick is to get an SUV because you need a bit of height [and remember to bring a cushion or booster seat for the children!].” 

The Flower District For Decor
“I love going to the flower district to purchase seasonal foliage for table centers and mantel wreaths.”
West 28th Street, near Sixth Avenue

Stocking Up On Sleds
“We’ll stop at Paragon near Union Square to buy round plastic sleds for trips to Central Park, where we’ll risk life and limb with the kids, perilously sledding down the icy banks.”
867 Broadway at 18th Street  

Sweet Treats At Sarabeth’s 
“There are bribes of hot cocoa and candy canes for the ones that are able to keep going as long as I want to.”
40 Central Park South, near Sixth Avenue

Skating At The Standard
“We like ice skating at the The Standard, where it’s small and civilized. They also have some penguin skating aids that were useful for adults and children alike.”
848 Washington Street at 13th Street

Barneys & Freds
“After a boisterous holiday shopping stop at Barneys, it’s great to go up to Freds to unwind.”
660 Madison Avenue at 60th Street

Cheers To A Day Well Spent!
“Finish the day with glass of Ruinart Champagne—just to take the edge off.”