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How The Free Spirit Of France Inspired Carole Shashona’s Latest Collection

From after-hours Paris to high summer in Saint-Tropez, see how eclectic facets of French culture inspired the L.A.-based designer’s gilded new offerings.

“I love Paris!” exclaims jewelry designer Carole Shashona over the phone from Laguna Beach. The well-traveled designer has always imbued her sumptuous collections with the moods and memories of the places she’s visited, and her just-dropped Spring 2018 assortment—aptly named the French Connection—is no exception. With tasseled necklaces that evoke the style and movement of the burlesque dancers at the Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse, her jewelry carries the same sense of empowerment and femininity that she observed at the late-night cabarets. “I found that women, dressed and undressed, were having fun,” she says.

On the opposite side of the country, in Saint-Tropez, Shashona was impressed by the confident Gallic women she saw, pairing their multi-carat diamond jewelry with crocheted bikinis during casual summer vacations. “They’d be decked out as if they were going out in the evening,” she recalls, “but they were wearing [their jewelry] with bathing suits.” She wanted to create pieces that, while still fine and precious, could be worn with the same free spirit that she observed on the French Riviera. “You should wear your jewelry during the day. You should have fun with it,” says Carole. “Don’t take it so seriously.”

Also new to Carole’s oeuvre are candles and mists, available in a streamlined set of two scents meant to interact with each other. Her feng shui education—she is an accredited Grand Master who has authored a book on the subject—informed the decision to focus on botanicals. Her sage-based scent, Purify, helps to rid a space of negative energy, while the citrus essence of Empower sets a positive and uplifting intention. The evocative scents are perfect complements to her spiritually conscious fine jewelry.

Click through to see some of the most unforgettable pieces from her wanderlust-inspired line.

Designer Carole Shashona at home.


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