Fashion Month has a way of bringing out not only the most daring looks in street style, but also the trends that have the potential to take us into the next season. As part of a NYFW challenge, I was asked to test out beauty and fashion looks that some might turn a dubious eye to. For anyone familiar with my head-to-toe routine, you know I love a great street style look, and I’m pretty open to pushing the limits.

In preparation for the seven days of head-turning outfits, I perused Barneys newest and most unique arrivals documenting the good, the badass, and the oh-so-lovely. After gauging each photographer’s reaction, over-analyzing the comments that my Instagram audience was more than wiling to offer up, and assessing the looks of innocent bystanders at my local coffee shop as I went full fashion week mode on them, I was left with a plethora of takeaways for each trend.

IENKI IENKI Tech-Fabric Oversized Jacket/STELLA MCCARTNEY Halle Birds-Of-Paradise-Print Silk Pants/TOMASINI Studded Crossbody Bag/BARNEYS NEW YORK Stretch Leather Ankle Boots

Day 1: The Michelin Man Puffer

To kick off Fashion Week, I sported an easy-to-spot Ienki Ienki coat over a Stella McCartney matching floral set. The exaggerated contrast between the tropical combo and the wintery marshmallow puffer silhouette paired remarkably well together. After hitting my first show and seeing photographers go crazy over this quirky coat, I wasn’t surprised to see the look featured on a bunch of street style roundups. It was even named “Best #NYFW Street Style Look” by Glamour. While in my regular everyday life I might tend to separate these pieces, I found the outfit to be extremely warm and the puffer practical to sport even with extra the pillowy proportions.

Day 2: Convenience Store Chic

Y/PROJECT Suit Jacket/GELAREH MIZRAHI “Thank You” Python Tote Bag/FRAME Le Crop Bell Jeans/BARNEYS NEW YORK Suede Slingback Pumps
Y/PROJECT Suit Jacket/GELAREH MIZRAHI “Thank You” Python Tote Bag/FRAME Le Crop Bell Jeans/BARNEYS NEW YORK Suede Slingback Pumps

I find that when I’m in a rush, my outfits tend to take a turn for the better. This was definitely the case for this unexpected mashup of Y/Project and Gelareh Mizrahi. With a single choice in handbag, the look went from serious to playful thanks to the Miami-based accessory brand known for being quirky. At first glance, my colleagues readily admitted that they actually thought I was holding a convenience store bag, until stepping a little closer and realizing the ‘bodega bag’ was actually a python tote. At the end of the day, I would repeat this convenience-store-meets-Parisian style over and over again.


Day 3: Not-So-Cookie-Cutter Cut-Outs

HARVEY FAIRCLOTH Fur Trucker Jacket/VIVETA Trousers/LOEFFLER RANDALL Kassidy Knit Ankle Boots

Street style just does not get better than this. With Vievetta’s recent launch at Barneys I already had my eye on the quirky-cool Italian brand. And after being introduced to this pair of swanky lip culottes, I fell in love all over again. The surreal details that adorn Vivetta’s collection are amplified by even more color in this Harvey Faircloth jacket and sparkle from a pair of knit boots. This is definitely a more-is-more feel-good outfit.


Day 4: Over The Rainbow Fur & Gold Glitter Eyes

LISA PERRY Striped Fox Fur Coat /TEIJA Jumpsuit/CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Western Shoulder Bag/PIERRE HARDY Gipsy Denim Chelsea Boots
KEVYN AUCOIN The Sensual Skin Enhancer/KEVYN AUCOIN The Sensual Skin Primer/KEVYN AUCOIN The Angled Foundation Brush/KEVYN AUCOIN The Gossamer Loose Powder/KEVYN AUCOIN The Pure Powder Glow/KEVYN AUCOIN Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss/KEVYN AUCOIN The Neo Highlighter/KEVYN AUCOIN The Sculpting Powder/KEVYN AUCOIN The Essential Eye Shadow Set/KEVYN AUCOIN The Essential Mascara/KEVYN AUCOIN The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil/KEVYN AUCOIN The Molten Lip Color in Fire Amber & White Gold

With Lisa Perry unafraid to go big and bold with this rainbow fur, I was reminded once again why I always enjoy wearing her designs. Sporting Kevyn Aucoin‘s power gold eye and a joyous jumpsuit from Teija—a diehard fan on Instagram expressed what we were all feeling after taking a look at the ensemble on Instagram, “I damn near dropped my phone!” Yes, ladies and gentleman—the look was just that good.


Day 5: Blinding Metallics

JOURDEN Suit Jacket/THIERRY LASRY Probably Sunglasses/ CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC Python Chain Shoulder Bag/PIERRE HARDY Trek Comet Metallic Leather Sneakers/FRAME Le Skinny De Jeanne Raw Stagger Jeans

For day five, I pulled out the big guns with a sharp Jourden silhouette, Thierry Lasry mirrored shades, and a pair of Pierre Hardy sneakers that instantly brought a sporty flair to complete the ensemble. While this day was light on fashion shows, I found the look to be refreshing and delightfully comfortable. If you’re curious as to what the best accessory was from this look, it was definitely the sun, as it did an excellent job bouncing light off this blazer/hoodie combo.


Day 6: Winter Rain Coats & Glitter Freckles

KEVYN AUCOIN Skin Enhancers/KEVYN AUCOIN Sensual Skin Primer/KEVYN AUCOIN Ibiza Now-Bronzers/KEVYN AUCOIN Palette #3/KEVYN AUCOIN Bloodroses The Expert Mascara/KEVYN AUCOIN Eye Gloss In Cosmic

Don’t let the happy glitter freckles that the Kevyn Aucoin’s team whipped up for me fool you—this Ben Tavernitit Unravel Project coat meant business. With the over-the-top structure built in, the designer turned this raincoat into a reimagined classic. With a shimmer of sequins thanks to Faith Connexion on the bottom and a simple black hoodie underneath, this finale look closed out my fashion week challenge on a high note.



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