Ben Gorham has always taken an unconventional path. The pro-basketball player cum Byredo creator has gained a cult following for his beguiling fragrances and minimalist packaging—not to mention his poetic names like Mojave Ghost, Payote Poem, and Rose of No Man’s Land.

For Gohram, fragrance has always been about communicating an emotion—that nostalgic, je ne sais quoi that one feels when captivated by a scent. With that in mind, he decided to celebrate his brand’s 10-year anniversary with a tribute to the subjective nature of his perfumes. He created a nameless scent, referred to as simply Unnamed, which is sold with a set of letters allowing people to come up with their own name and customize their bottle.

“I wanted to celebrate this milestone by giving back to my customers, allowing them to create their own narrative” explains Gohram. “The name Byredo comes from ‘by redolence,’ so this allows each individual to name the fragrance based on the thoughts, memories, or feelings it evokes.  It’s the ultimate collaboration.”

Byredo_160714_unnamed perfume + dry transfer + pencil
BYREDO Unnamed 100 ml Eau De Parfum

We decided to ask some Byredo loyalists in the office what they decided to call the scent; their inspired answers are below.

Kristy Masbang, Associate Beauty Buyer: Ninety-One
“I would name my Unnamed scent Ninety-One. Not only does it represent my birth year, but it’s also the age of both my grandparents, who continue to prove that age is definitely just a number. The pink pepper and gin accord notes are super fresh and fun—just like them. Their youthfulness is as infectious as this scent, and since I can’t play favorite and name it after just one of them, I figured I would do both. Love you, Lolo and Lola.”

Will Higdon-Sudow, Director of Bookings: Monhegan
This fresh, sweet scent conjures the feeling of one of my favorite places on Earth: Monhegan Island off the coast of Maine. I’ve visited this rustic, magical island every summer since my childhood to spend a day hiking the perimeter and eating lobster rolls from the general store.  For me, there’s a lot of nostalgia attached to fragrances, and this one immediately brought to mind the mix of the salty ocean air, evergreen forest, and wildflowers found on Monhegan.

Charlotte Blechman, EVP Marketing/Communications: Young, Wild, And Free
“The scent reminds me of youth and the freedom of being naïve and carefree. Its fresh, floral smell just conjures that uninhibited feeling of having the whole world in front of you, and I love that I can recreate that magical feeling with a single spritz.”

As for what Gohram calls the scent, don’t expect him to reveal much, “That’s for you to decide.” What would you call your Byredo Unnamed?


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