Body Vibes cofounders Leslie Kritzer and Madison De Clercq.

How great would it be if your mood and energy levels could shift just by wearing a sticker? That’s exactly the promise of the Body Vibes brand, a new-to-Barneys line of smart stickers, programmed to broadcast frequencies that can balance the body’s energy levels. As this concept was completely new to me, I was intrigued to demo the packs, especially the “Focus” disc, which claimed to increase my productivity.

When speaking to Body Vibes cofounders, like-minded aestheticians Leslie Kritzer and Madison De Clercq, I learned that they have never shied away from exploring new, experimental practices in the beauty and wellness space. The women currently helm the popular Skin Worship spa, a holistically focused and celebrity-loved skin-care clinic in Beverly Hills. They incorporate Reiki healing sessions and crystal mats into their practices and wanted to further explore the concept of energy and its effect on the body.


So, what are these smart stickers, anyway? Well, Kritzer was first introduced to the concept when her husband was treating his painful rheumatoid arthritis. After receiving the bioenergy patches from a naturopath doctor, his pain subsided dramatically, and Kritzer was so impressed by the results that she tried the patches herself. She found that wearing them eased her anxiety, and she began to share them with her clients and colleagues. The feedback was so positive that the women teamed up with Richard Eaton, of the biotech company AlphaBio Centric, to produce the patches with even more frequencies.

“We decided to work with solfeggio tones to create what we call the ‘sacred six.’ These six frequencies were first discovered in ancient times and can be used today to harmonize many different energy levels of the body,” Kritzer says. The six Body Vibes include the Anti-Anxiety, Focus, At The Beach, Energy, Beauty, and Self-Love patches, which are all aligned to a chakra center to address a host of different concerns. “These frequencies worked with what we felt our clients could benefit from the most,” says De Clercq. Kritzer explains to me, “The Focus sticker you’ve been wearing works with the solfeggio frequency of the throat chakra. So, that’s all about speaking up and exploring your truth. It’s great for creatives.”

The Focus sticker.

But, how do these stickers work, exactly? The cofounders tell me that everyone’s body has an ideal frequency range, and the patches help to achieve a harmonic homeostasis when applied to the skin. The vibrations are stored in each sticker within a layer embedded with carbon alloy fragments that are designed to broadcast the signals. For optimal results, the Body Vibes should be placed near the heart or on the left side of the body, but if you are more sensitive to energy changes, place them on your right side or wrist. Each sticker is said to be effective for up to 72 hours, and they are even waterproof. It is not recommended to take them off within that time frame, however—I noticed the Band-Aid-like bottom lost its adhesiveness once removed.

The Beauty, Energy, Self-Love, Anti-Anxiety, Focus, and At The Beach stickers.

Kritzer and De Clercq say that “cocktailing” the vibes helps you find your ideal energy mix. “It’s very good to mix a more stimulating patch with something more grounding,” says Kritzer. De Clercq adds, “I love wearing the beauty sticker that’s connected to the third eye chakra to bring inner peace. I pair that with my Focus sticker, as I’m constantly working, but now find that I don’t need to drink coffee.” They also recommend the At The Beach sticker for harmonizing relationships, and mention that the Energy sticker is great for workouts or for healing jet lag. Barneys also has an exclusive “Flower Power” sticker that harnesses the frequency of a hemp plant to bring on a calming effect.

BODY VIBES Rose Gold Power Stickers – 5 Pack / Gold Flower Power Stickers – 5 Pack / Silver Flower Power Stickers – 5 Pack

As for the future of the brand, the cofounders affirm that there is much more to explore and create. “Every organism has its own current and signature,” says Kritzer. “We’re always brainstorming new ways to work with frequencies and want to stay ahead of the curve.” And as for me, the skeptical New Yorker? I noticed that after wearing my Focus sticker, everything was checked off my to-do list, and I can’t help but think the sticker may have helped me stay on task. Other coworkers tried the Flower Power patches and felt peaceful somewhat immediately. Equipped with my new wellness accessory, I hope to continue to leverage the easy-to-achieve good vibrations.

Interested in trying the Body Vibes yourself? Head to or to one of our store locations to learn more about the smart stickers.


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