Walking in comfort should always be a priority. With the new arrivals from our Sole Series with FILA, your latest on-trend bulky sneakers come in two distinct styles and four colorways. We’ve made dad style sophisticated with smooth leather accented by premium details.

Melissa Gallagher, our SVP in Men’s Footwear, Accessories, and Home, explains that two shoes were combined to create a completely new silhouette: the original tennis upper on the Disruptor sole and a knit mid-top also on the Disruptor sole—a classic as well as favorite by FILA. The men’s cream Spaghetti Knit Sneakers are named for their unique round laces and have a knit upper. The men’s Original Tennis Leather Sneakers are designed with a fine, smooth leather and lined with suede along the heel, toward the middle, and on the toe. This style is offered in gray, burgundy wine, and black.

“They will work well with the streetwear trend that continues to be strong,” Gallagher says. But most important, it is the combination of two distinct shoes to create a new one that makes this collaboration stand out. “Taking something that exists but making it new and only ours is what we do best!”



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