Over the last few months, we’ve introduced limited edition styles from adidas, Vans, Filling Pieces, and Timberland—and now, Converse is the latest to join BNY Sole Series. Today’s exclusive launch features crinkled, patent leather high-tops with leather lining and clear outsoles in three iconic colors—black, red, and white. A loose lamination technique creates an eye-catching wrinkle effect.

“Converse was actually the first company we ever did a sneaker collaboration with—over a decade ago,” explains senior men’s footwear buyer Chris Pepe, who spearheads BNY Sole Series. “We created metallic silver and bronze styles that are now sold widely, but originated as Exclusively Ours.”

A few years later, Barneys did another limited edition run, this time featuring perforated patent leather XO styles in the most classic Converse colors: black, red, and white—the success of which was the inspiration behind today’s version. “I think most people have a connection with the brand, especially this classic silhouette. Like so many others, I’ve worn Chuck Taylors my whole life,” says Pepe. “I’m a basic black canvas guy for the most part, but you can be sure I’m adding these to my collection.”

The ongoing releases will continue monthly through December, with each release to be announced on Instagram. Follow us at @barneysnyofficial and @barneysman for the latest information.


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