No doubt that nearing the top of the shortlist of Blogs That Started It All would be The Love List, penned by Atlanta-by-way-of-Palm-Beach resident Jessica Graves. At its inception (this would be back in 2007)  the premise was straightforward: a chronicle of all things loved by Jess. Several blog posts and an Internet revolution later, and today it seems that the world, or at least our style-concerned corner of it, is in love with what Jess loves. It’s easy to see why: the girl’s got fabulous taste—in fashion, but also music, food, travel and the art of living in general—and on top of it all, a killer sense of humor.

Read on to get the Love List low-down…

What inspired you to start the blog?
The Love List was originally started as a literal list of things I love, and has since evolved into a trend-driven lifestyle site. Once I got a firm grasp on who I was as a writer and honed in on my tastes, content came bubbling out.

What items are on the top of your Love List this season?
Even though right now it’s still hot as Hades in Atlanta where I live, I’ve already got my mind on pre-fall. I rely on a signature look—really, a better word would be uniform. I’m really looking forward to wearing more leather in the fall. I think a black leather legging is a fabulous way to work texture into an outfit, and there is more than one slick, sexy biker jacket I have my eye on for when the weather cools down.

Which Barneys New York personality would you love to lunch with?
Simon Doonan! I have admired him for so long. His creativity and vision is beyond inspiring—it’s humbling. It reminds me how much further I could be pushing myself creatively. He’s so engaging because he is so unabashedly, unapologetically Simon Doonan. Most brilliant tcreatives have an extremely defined sense of self, him not excluded. Plus, he just bubbles over with effervescent energy! I love reading anything he writes. He seems to have a bright, happy spirit that he wears (literally) on his sleeve.

What fashion mishap makes your cringe?
The worst transgression you can make in fashion is being a bad version of someone else. Be a great version of yourself, no matter how you may define that. And never apologize for it.

What’s at the top of your summer reading list?
I plan on re-reading The Alchemist. The story of a young man setting out to find his destiny is one of the oldest ever told, but the way Paul Coelho tells it (that’s heavy on the metaphors, folks). It can have a different meaning to you every time you read it.

Fashion rules to live by?

  1. Know when to invest.
  2. For the love of God, cover up! Modest is hottest…
  3. Less is more. You don’t need a lot of clothing if the clothes you have all fit and play nicely together in your closet.
  4. Have fun with accessories. Sometimes, an outfit of basics merely serves as a blank canvas to show off an insane pair of heels.
  5. Be yourself. It’s the easiest line to deliver, and the toughest advice to follow… but it’s flat out true. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress for someone else though – after all, that’s the fun part! Lauren Santo Domingo sent me into hysterics when she tweeted recently “Some women dress for men. Others dress for women. Me, I dress for the gays.” I love that.

If you were “accidentally” locked in Barneys overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?
Prerogative one: beauty counter. DIY manicure. YSL Corail Colisee. I have been eyeing these Wayfarers from The Row for at lest a year now. I need them. I want them. I crave them. I’d be prancing around Barney’s in the dark in them.  Corey Hart didn’t need sunshine to rock sunnies, so why should I?

Next up? Get thee to Fendi. Procure perfect snakeskin pouch for every possible fall outfit, day or night. After a quick drop-by to grab some Spanx, onto a sexy little number by The Row.

Off to shoes! Hello, is it me you’re looking for? These Jean Michel Cazbat shoes are indecisive, and I love that about them. For toting it all around? The classic Chloé Paraty in a brilliant shade of bordeaux. I just want to get drunk on it.

Jewelry. Earrings. Lanvin…because there is just something delightfully frivolous about a pair of earrings called “Tutti Frutti.” Finally, I think perhaps I’d go light some sort of Diptyque seance and commune with the spirits who so lovingly blessed me with the circumstances.

1Diptyque Gardenia mini candle2) Fendi snakeskin zip pouch3) YSL nailpolish in Corail Colisee; 4) Chloé Paraty satchel; 5)  Jean Michel Cazbat Emma shoes  6) Wayfarers by The Row; 7) Tutti Frutti earrings by Lanvin 

(Main photograph by Caroline Fontenot courtesy of Jess Graves)