We all have that favorite piece. It may have been dug out of the back of your parents’ closet, scrounged from your favorite thrift store, or just held onto for years, but it’s been washed hundreds of times to that perfectly broken-in state that just screams comfort. But what if you could re-buy it, already infused with that sense of ease and softness, and with a fun twist that makes it all your own? Enter the amazing pieces for both men and women from the collaboration between NSF and Bliss And Mischief.

You may know NSF, the L.A.-based brand known for their hand-distressed denim and military-inspired separates. Bliss And Mischief, though, is a bit of a newcomer to the scene. Founded and designed by Hillary Justin, BAM features hand-stitched chain embroidery and draws inspiration from authentic western wear. Justin’s love of vintage made her connection to NSF’s already-broken-in pieces a natural one. In fact, Justin first met NSF’s creative director and designer, Jamie Haller, at L.A.’s Rose Bowl Flea Market. The two brands were a match made in heaven, and applying BAM’s signature stitching to NSF’s pieces created items that truly stand out.. “We realized we were already in love with each other’s work,” Haller said of the collaboration, “and the rest just happened very quickly.”

Watch the above video for a peek inside Justin’s home studio, then scroll on for a closer look at both the men’s and women’s pieces from the collaboration before heading over to barneys.com to snap up a few pieces for yourself.

NSF X Bliss and Mischief
NSF X BLISS AND MISCHIEF “Song of the West” Denim Shirt / NSF X BLISS AND MISCHIEF “Sweep of Sky” Jeans
NSF X Bliss and Mischief
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NSF X Bliss and Mischief
NSF X BLISS AND MISCHIEF “Pray for Rain” Shirt / NSF X BLISS AND MISCHIEF “Song of the West” Jeans

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