Photography by Bruce Weber.

The Window has asked each of the timeless beauties of Barneys’ Better Than Ever campaign to play a fun game. The task? Fill out a Mad Libs-style quiz about the experience shooting in Miami with legendary photographer, Bruce Weber. 

Kicking off with Christie Brinkley, we get a peek into the madcap weekend which played out as screwball comedy vignettes featuring a world famous group of supermodels along with a bevy of handsome admirers. See Brinkley’s answers, a few of Weber’s gorgeous images, and a look into his fanciful world, below.

*                 *                 *

Christie Brinkley is an unlikely Prohibition-era villainess (she has played Roxie Hart in Kander and Ebb’s Chicago on Broadway), but then, why not? She has always had more than one bow in her quiver, appearing in former husband Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” video, her own CNN talk show, and as Chevy Chase’s dream girl in National Lampoon’s Vacation. Still, morphology is destiny, and it as America’s swimsuit sweetheart with the sighing curves that she will be best remembered.


Shooting this campaign with Bruce and all the other models was incredibly inspiring—by which I mean it inspired me to work out more! I couldn’t believe it when the guys performed a great Busby Berkeley synchronized pool routine flawlessly, but undoubtedly my favorite part was jumping into bed with a hot Brazilian guy! Sooo gostoso!! And as far as Bruce himself, he couldn’t have been more focused, in the moment, and creative (he’s such an artist!). I’ll never forget the first time I met Bruce – it was when the photographer I was shooting with said that his assistant was too shy to ask if I would stay after work to do test shots with his assistant… His assistant was Bruce Weber! He was young, sweet, and already talented. Shooting with him is always a joy and an honor. I love the fact that the name of this project ended up being “Better Than Ever,” because that’s the goal isn’t it? To live and learn and get better than ever. At this point in my career, I’ve found that my opportunities to meet people YOUNGER than me just keeps getting better and better!

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