Pictured: Patty Perreira

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Barton Perreira, the massively popular brand of sunglasses and spectacles, launched its first collection. “I had recently left another eyewear company and was thinking about starting a jewelry line,” says Patty Perreira, the collection’s designer and one half of the label’s founding team along with Bill Barton. “I told Bill, whom I’ve known for years, and he was like, ‘Are you crazy? Eyewear is your thing! Go make your own glasses!’ Once I started thinking about it, I became obsessed with the idea.”

Launching in the middle of the country’s financial crisis, the fledgling company faced an uphill battle. But Perreira stuck to her guns, committing to quality over cost-saving shortcuts with the belief that there was still a market for artisanally crafted frames. A decade later, Barton Perreira’s popularity is legendary.

BARTON PERREIRA Aloha Sunglasses

In a category dominated by licensed products, the brand stands apart as a small, independent manufacturer of luxury eyewear. From the start, the company has committed to quality over quantity, working with highly skilled craftspeople in Japan to produce a carefully edited selection of shapes and designs each season. Although Barton Perreira’s look is distinct, with a blend of modern and retro features, the designer emphasizes that the brand’s ethos is more about excellence in construction than it is about any one particular look.

Every detail is perfected before the glasses are handcrafted in Japan.

“We are delighted that we’ve made it to the 10-year milestone,” says Perreira. “This season felt like the right time to take a look back on some of our most popular styles and give them the updates that show the evolution of our brand.” The collection features elements such as animal prints and filigree details that have become hallmarks of Barton Perreira.

Barton Perreira’s Voyant is inspired by the brand’s original cat-eye styles.

Named the BPX Collection, the range features the latest lightweight metals and richly colored acetates along with some of Barton Perreira’s most iconic frames that sculpt the face. “Plastics come in a certain thickness—four or five millimeters,” explains Perreira. “But with Barton Perreira glasses, wherever the frame touches your face, I contour it out to be more comfortable. Feeling good is as important to me as looking good.”

The brand’s innovative Demoiselle style suspends a frame inside a frame.

While the company produces 22 new styles twice a year, it’s telling that many of its originals are still highly sought. “Our look is timeless,” says Perreira. “I want to create frames that will last many seasons, and that you can wear day after day in any situation.”

Some of the new styles in the 10th-anniversary collection that pay homage to fan favorites include Arlequin, which draws inspiration from the brand’s most iconic and sought after frame, Emmanuelle, with its sleek lines and the same signature hand-painted cloisoneé enamel technique. Another style, Voyant, is a play on Barton Perreira’s classic optical styles, Delphine and Dauphin. The glasses are celebrated for their modern take on the cat eye by using an ultralight titanium nylon rimless chassis to make the glasses appear as if they are floating.

Part of the BPX Collection, Arlequin is a nod to the company’s signature Emmanuelle style.

While some companies may see their 10th anniversary as an invitation to reinvent a brand, don’t expect to see major changes out of this house any time soon. “I think one of the most important things is to stay true to what made us successful to begin with,” says Perreira. “It’s tempting to chase trends, but that’s not what we’re about.” Here’s to another decade of timeless luxury.


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