Pictured: Serge Lutens cloche bottle collection.

Finding a signature fragrance, like finding the perfect mate (or even sole mate), isn’t easy, but it’s certainly rewarding. Take it from Barneys’ womenswear maven, Jennifer Sunwoo, who has stood by her Kiehl’s Musk Eau De Toilette for 15 years. Now that’s commitment.

Even if you have already found your favorite, there’s always room on the vanity for one new bottle, right? For those in need of a sweet-smelling pick-me-up, we asked our team to tell us about their standby and dying-to-try fragrances.

STANDBY: “I don’t leave home without Kiehl’s Musk Eau de Toilette, which I’ve been wearing for 15 years. It provides the perfect base to layer on my favorite transitional fragrances such as Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower.”
DYING TO TRY: “The scent I am dying to try is Serge Luten’s Vierge de Fer, part of the exclusive cloche bottle collection. I would buy it for the beautiful bottle alone.”

STANDBY:”The Désarmant scent is a modern lilac with green moss, vanilla nectar, and leather dry down. It’s sexy and clean at the same time.
DYING TO TRY: “Liquides Imaginaires is a new exclusive brand, and I love their Dom Rosa, whose juice is the color of rosé. It has accords of Champagne, grapefruit, pear, rose, incense, and vetiver—a truly hypnotic combination.”

STANDBY:”Of course, I have to defer to the master, my fragrance guru and friend, Frédéric Malle, and his brilliantly fresh, slightly musky Geranium Pour Monsieur with undertones of peppermint and anise.”
DYING TO TRY: “From Hylnds, I’m eager to try Spirit of the Glen, inspired by the distillery heritage of Glenlivet. I’ve always been a fan of woodsy, vanilla scents, but the wild pineapple seed and classic florals of the whisky sound both intriguing and intoxicating.”


STANDBY:”With its hefty dose of patchouli and musk, partnered with essence of rose, Frédéric Malle’s Portrait of A Lady fragrance packs a surprising punch of Turkish exoticism that makes every day feel like an escape.”
DYING TO TRY: “Eau De Magnolia is the newest scent from Mr. Malle that I’m dying to try. It’s pleasant, floral, and light.”


STANDBY:”Ambrette 9 from Le Labo is my everyday spritz. This subtle, musky fragrance has underlying fruit notes, making it light and fresh.”
DYING TO TRY: “I’m enticed to try Byredo scents. The names alone are transporting! Black Saffron, Mojave Ghost, and Gypsy Water are all new potential departures.”


STANDBY:”By wearing Acqua Di Parma, I feel as though I belong in a beautiful foreign film. There is so much history and elegance that is synonymous with this brand.”
DYING TO TRY: “The Serge Lutens Beaute L’Incendiaire is an exclusive fragrance from Serge Luten’s Gold series. With the array of scents that describe this cologne (resins, amber, and tarmac of all things), it is very deep and exotic and not for the mild-hearted.”

STANDBY:”I have been wearing Serge Luten’s Un Bois Vanille since it was launched in the ’90s. I love the way it smells — sweet and spicy!”
DYING TO TRY: “I recently stopped someone at a party to ask what they were wearing, and it was Santal by Le Labo. It’s very fresh and alluring.”

STANDBY:”The Byredo Black Saffron is one of my favorite scents ever. When in doubt, this is what I go for in the morning. It is warm and exotic, a little spicy but also sweet, just such an intriguing and distinctive fragrance.”
DYING TO TRY: “34 Essences is Diptyque’s newest scent. I love the bottle, but the scent is also just so perfect for fall—I can’t wait to test it out. The mimosa really stands out, and makes this a fresh and green scent.”