BNY Sole Series, a collaboration between eight shoe brands and the Barneys New York team, was spearheaded by our senior buyer of men’s footwear and resident sneaker expert Chris Pepe.  Today we introduce the second round: Vans Woven Slip-on Sneakers.

The men’s Vans are an elevated take on the classic checkerboard slide, which have become an iconic representation of the brand’s laid-back, California vibe. It all started when Pepe found inspiration while cleaning out the sample closet in his office. “I discovered this cool swatch of material—a thin grain leather on one side, suede on the other. We sent it to Vans to see if they could develop it into a fabric that could be cut and woven and used for a slip-on sneaker,” he explained.

The final version features leather and suede bonded together into a single material utilized to create the woven checkerboard pattern. The slides represent the Barneys point of view on a classic pair of shoes, which is the basis of the XO footwear project.

The on-going releases will continue monthly through December, with each release to be announced on Instagram. Follow us at @barneysnyofficial and @barneysman for the latest information.


BNY Sole Series: Woven Slip-on Sneakers

“We chose the standard black and white because it’s iconic for Vans, and then a black and navy version, because that’s a very Barneys color combination.” – Chris Pepe

BNY Sole Series: Woven Slip-on Sneakers

We did several rounds of samples trying to get the texture, thickness, and color right. A lot of work and craftsmanship went into it.” – Chris Pepe

BNY Sole Series: Woven Slip-on Sneakers

“The concept for these Vans was actually what sparked the whole BNY Sole Series! It’s been a little while in the making.” – Chris Pepe

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