Is there such a thing as beauty in a bottle? According to Dr. Augustinus Bader, one of the world’s leading stem cell scientists, there absolutely is.

In the mid-1980s, Bader was a student working at a burn center in China. After conducting research on organ transplantation, he found his way into the burgeoning field of stem cells—which then evolved into skincare. He has been integrating years of research into an extraordinary anti-aging face product dubbed, simply, “The Cream.” And while it’s designed to keep skin young, The Cream is also the foundation for something much bigger. For Bader, defining beauty is just as important as maintaining it. He sees beauty as an expression of physical and mental health, igniting an exciting conversation involving science and skincare that’s taking place on your very own bathroom shelf.

“Think of it like this: Your skin has instincts,” Bader explains. “It knows what to do to repair itself, but that instinct is different in all of us, and at different points in our lives.”

For the last decade, he has been focused on how to treat your skin from within the body, rather than solely on the surface. His ability to create a topical cream capable of achieving just that is nothing short of revolutionary. Too often the phrase “anti-aging” is negatively charged in the beauty industry, but the more Bader talks about blood cells and epigenetics, the more one thing becomes clear: This man is on a mission to debunk the idea that your skin is not on your side. Drawing from his background in medicine, he brings the same approach to healing a wrinkle that he did to treating wounds, enlisting the body’s own cells in the therapeutic process.

“Cells die from trauma and blocked vessels, so your body makes response signals to this,” Bader says. “As [you] get older, your accessibility to those signals shuts down even though, genetically speaking, you’re the same human being. Your body is still the same, and still has that capacity to heal you.”

He references a playful metaphor to explain the process: “Say you go to an organic, Michelin-starred restaurant. You know it will not only have access to the best ingredients, but [it] will know what to do with them.” In this scenario, The Cream is the chef who’s developed not only the recipe but a transporting mechanism to your cells. The product is smart, knowing how to mobilize your stem cells as your skin’s needs change. “I remember sitting down with a 40-year-old woman with rosacea and seeing her inflammation calm in 20 minutes,” Bader says. “Or another girl, a young model with facial acne, whose redness was reduced in a matter of weeks. Her relationship with her body changed completely.”

For Bader, these are the kinds of results that make the years of research worth it. For the rest of us, it underlines a refreshing message: You’re never just a client; you’re a patient.


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