From the Road was born out of a passion for off-the-grid travel, a love of indigenous cultures, and a desire to create beautiful objects with soul. Founder Susan Easton travels the globe to collaborate with artisans, embracing ancient techniques and local materials, but interpreting them in a modern way. Handcrafted in Nepal from handspun yak yarn, the Aksha throw is adorned at its ends with rudraksha seeds (often used to make prayer malas in Hinduism) and pewter-tone metal teardrop-shaped charms, each of which is formed and stitched entirely by hand.

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FROM THE ROAD Aksha Embellished Throw


Creator Thomas Fuchs applies his unique artistic eye and modern aesthetic to everything he makes, whether it’s designing furniture, blowing Venetian glass, or fabricating standout lighting fixtures. When it comes to his drink and barware, his expertise is undeniable and his inspiration incomparable—just check out his skeleton-embellished collection. For his hand-blown Murano glass pieces, such as this Inspirazione Drinking Glass, he draws inspiration from the botanical and natural worlds, incorporating organic shapes and vivid colors.

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THOMAS FUCHS Inspirazione Drinking Glass



Each of Connor’s whimsical stationery designs is created via custom dies engraved by hand in hardened steel at the company’s atelier in France, a method employed for two centuries to create impressions of the most intricate detail. The images are then hand-embossed on the finest paper available by master engravers. Their handiwork can be admired every day of the year with this Lucky Cat calendar.

artisanal gifts
CONNOR Lucky Cat Easel Calendar

Founded in 1993 by pioneer ceramists and artisans James Klein and David Reid, the Brooklyn-based firm of Klein Reid melds industrial production techniques with the artistry of studio pottery. The brand’s elegant shapes, translucent porcelain, and artisanal glazes are all done by hand and created from scratch. This Eeos bowl features black fluted porcelain with a subtle golden luster.

artisanal gifts
KLEIN REID Eeos Footed Bowls

The holidays just got a little bit sweeter with this tempting gift box. Cloister Honey embraces doing things the slow way, observing its bees and following a time-sensitive harvesting technique to produce all of its raw honey products at its Charlotte, North Carolina-based operations. With hives everywhere from the owners’ backyard to the roof of the Ritz Carlton in Charlotte, they create products perfect for anyone on your list with a sweet tooth.

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Stockholm-based, Parsons School of Design-trained Toyine Sellers launched her eponymous collection of textiles in 2007 and quickly became known for her artisanal approach to construction. The interior designer weaves her materials on traditional mechanical looms at an atelier just south of Lyon, France, before crafting them into the finest pillows, throws, and rugs. Using only natural fibers and leathers, Sellers’ commitment to traditional craftsmanship and love for texture and color mean that each of her beautiful, handcrafted pieces shines, showing the fabric to its full potential.

artisanal gifts
TOYINE SELLERS Woven Linen-Blend Pillow

It’s been more than 20 years since Kyle Camp set up his first cart in the middle of a mall in Sandusky, Ohio, selling candles and floral pieces. And while K&K Interiors—the company that he co-founded with Mark Wells—has grown exponentially since then, the focus has remained the same: quality and service. With their brand’s Large Pinecone Wreath, you can bring at bit of this still-Ohio-based company’s whimsical charm into any holiday home this season.

artisanal gifts
K&K INTERIORS Large Pinecone Wreath



The creative product of a love connection between a glassblower and a ceramist, A.J is its own perfect pairing of aesthetics and function. As the glassblowing half of the equation, Julien Mongeau hand-makes the Canadian brand’s stunningly formed and colored glass pieces, while his partner in both work and life, Amélie Lucier, is responsible for their equally gorgeous ceramic wares. This ornament is sure to add the perfect artisanal touch to any tree this season.

artisanal gifts
A.J Mottled Glass Ball Ornament

If there’s one person who encompasses the revival of creative energy taking place in Venice, CA, right now, it’s Nick Fouquet. The hat maker has opened his own studio and retail space there, embracing time-honored techniques and sustainable materials to create custom hats that instantly turn any man into the coolest guy in the room. If you aren’t in Southern California to get one of his custom, made-to-measure styles, you can still snag a bit of his style with a piece like The White Arrow.

artisanal gifts
NICK FOUQUET The White Arrow Fur Felt Fedora

Based in Southern-California, Caleb Siemons has always made things with his hands, but took his craft to the next level when he studied in Italy under the renowned master glass sculptor Pino Signoretto. After an intense tutelage under the old world master, Siemons returned stateside and brought Murano glass techniques with him. The Sequoia Forest Candle is housed in a mouth-blown crystal vessel detailed with light-reflecting, hand-manipulated creases and boasts a scent inspired by the Sierras.

artisanal gifts
CALEB SIEMON Sequoia Forest Candle

California native George Peterson is a self-taught woodturner and sculptor who has been creating incredible pieces fulltime since 1992. Now working out of his studio in North Carolina under the name Circle Factory, the artist carves not only stunning art pieces, but also bowls like this one that are both exquisitely crafted and entirely utilitarian. This bowl is turned from salvaged oak wood before being hand-stained to its black sheen.

artisanal gifts
CIRCLE FACTORY Oak Wood Large Bowl


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