Ana Khouri worked with rising British director Oscar Hudson on a short film starring her Simplicity Collection. The stunning-yet-understated collection, which focuses on curved shapes, becomes instantly beguiling when worn by a woman, even when she’s simply reading or knitting, as the video shows. “These pieces are significant because of their connection to the lines of the female body and what the designs do with the body,” Khouri tells The Window. “They become alive and really show themselves when worn, not only because they align with the human form, but also because they complement one another, enhancing the beauty of both.”

The video showcases a group of woman in a seemingly mundane environment, but neither the women nor the jewelry could possibly bore as they enhance each other—bringing sparkle and allure to everyday moments. “Simplicity is the ultimate luxury. The way I see it, a piece of jewelry should not be worn only on a special occasion,” says Khouri. “It’s not about showcasing a special gem or design; it’s about empowering the woman wearing it.”



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