It may not have been Friday the 13th, but the crowd that gathered last night at our Madison Avenue store was definitely feeling Superstitious. That’s because we were celebrating the new collaboration between master fragrance editor Frédéric Malle and fashion designer/industry darling Alber Elbaz, which happens to embrace superstition and the magic that accompanies it.

“Alber sees the irrational as essential, and we must let ourselves be guided by a sixth sense, by our superstitions,” Malle said of the jumping off point for the collaboration, a scent dubbed Superstitious: Alber Elbaz par Frédéric Malle. “If we were to create a fragrance, we knew it would possess this mysterious element.”

And judging by the hordes of fans that lined up to have their bottles of the new fragrance signed by its co-creators, they succeeded in their mission. “The response so far has been ecstatic,” Malle continued. “When you work as long as I have on something, you don’t really smell it anymore. So seeing people love it is quite amazing.”

Elbaz agreed, saying the enthusiastic way people have embraced the scent has been entirely in keeping with the process of its creation. “When people ask what are the ingredients, I truly just say love and friendship,” the designer says. “That is what we put inside.”

In reality, the ingredients list is a bit longer than that, with an indefinable blend of Turkish rose, Egyptian jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, and vetiver. The final result is a scent that Malle describes as, “at once both modern and evocative of the great scents of times gone by. A true classic whose quality is unmistakable but whose ingredients are each unrecognizable, save for the most fleeting of instants.”

Scroll on for a closer look at the evening’s festivities, and if you’re feeling a bit Superstitious yourself, head to Barneys to experience the aroma in person.


Frédéric Malle, Barneys CEO Daniella Vitale, and Alber Elbaz

Elbaz puts his signature flourish on a box of Superstitious, which is already adorned with the emblem of an evil eye, a figure that Elbaz hand drew.

Elbaz and Malle greet Barneys Creative Ambassador, Simon Doonan.

The dynamic duo is in synch in more than just their taste in fragrances.

A signature just won’t suffice for a good friend like Alina Cho, Editor at Large for Ballantine Bantam Dell, so Elbaz adda a quick doodle to make it more personal.

Malle also offered to sign other fragrances in his ongoing series of scents created by some of the world’s top perfumers.

Editor and founder of A Ross Girl, Amanda Ross

Elbaz greets editor and friend Glenda Bailey.

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