There’s a red lip, and then there’s an immaculate red lip—one that’s mood enhancing, face brightening, and eye-catching all at once. That’s exactly what caught our attention backstage at Acne’s Spring 2016 show in Paris, where legendary makeup visionary Dick Page worked his magic. As the boldly colored, rock-inspired collection hits Barneys just in time to lift drooping February spirits, we decided to take a closer look at how to achieve the red lips, which were complimented by Wella Creative Director Eugene Souleiman’s blunt bangs.

“The colors, guitar prints, and boxy blazers seen in the [Acne] collection all had a very new wave, ‘80s feel, and a red lip felt natural,” explains Page. “It was all about exaggerating the lip, but not clownishly. I’m usually pretty strict about sticking to natural lips, so these were really just natural shapes that are amplified a little bit.”

Read on for tips from Dick Page on getting the look at home, and don’t be surprised to see us standing out in blunt bangs and red lips during Fashion Month.



“First, I followed the natural contours of the girls’ mouth, but exaggerated by tracing just outside the natural lip line. It gave it that slightly new wave, post-punk quality about it.”

“I wanted the lipstick to look almost stamped on, almost like poster paint. This gave it that slightly new wave, post-punk quality about it.”

“The color is strait up red—really, really red. The texture is a creamy matte and very dense creating an almost waxy finish. I mixed two shades together to achieve the desired texture.”

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“The rest of the face was left pretty clean—as clean as you can get away with during show season! We exaggerated the brow a little bit, just with grooming what the girls naturally had going on.”

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Like the makeup, the hair was understated but impactful.

Textured, blunt bangs were thick to the brow line, and started at the crown of the head.

The Wella team used faux fringe extensions to help exaggerate the look.

This look is all about texture, texture, texture. Try: ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray.

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