There’s an immediate magnetism that reverberates when A.CHAL arrives for his haircut and interview at Blind Barber in our Downtown Flagship. He possesses a quiet thoughtfulness juxtaposed by a palpable energy, and it makes people around him want to dial in and listen closely to what he’s saying and watch what he’s doing. A natural born performer, he brings this quality to the stage—a feeling he describes as “the best high in the world.”

A.CHAL photo1

Next month, he hits the road to tour his latest release ON GAZ, which came out last month. He describes the LP’s sound as “alternative psychedelic slash R&B and hip-hop,” and he delivers anecdotal—at-times disarmingly honest—lyrics in a way that feels almost hazy and dreamlike. After moving to Queens from Peru when he was just four years old, A.CHAL began rapping and making beats as a teenager. He eventually moved to L.A. to pursue a career in music, and the West Coast’s laid-back, sun-kissed vibe definitely comes through in both his music and his playful personal style.

In fact, it would be difficult to separate A.CHAL’s sound from his style—it all blends together to create a genre-bending vision all his own, and the stage is where there elements seamlessly combine. “I’ve always dreamed of having the same kind of platform as people like Kanye, who use the stage as a canvas,” he says. “I hope to bring something different, not only in the way it looks and sounds, but also in the way that it feels.” Watch the above video for a taste of this rising star’s talent and ingenuity.

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