She’s got a famous last name, for sure, but Stella McCartney proved her chops as a sharp-eyed designer when she was picked to succeed Karl Lagerfeld as creative director of Chloé in 1997.

At the age of 25, she came into the position without much by way of experience, but with big ideas of what the French fashion house could become. And, no surprise here—it didn’t take her long to realize them.

McCartney became known for expert tailoring and a sophisticated, dressed-down sensibility. Though never one to take herself too seriously, McCartney created prints featuring pop-art-inspired tropical fruits. A black tee from her 2001 collection read “Keep your bananas off my melons.” Horses, too, became a sort of calling card, and Ms. McCartney’s spirit animal still has a place in the brand’s iconography.

In honor of Chloé’s 60th anniversary, we’re sharing video footage of McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2001 collection from the Chloé archive as well as some greatest hits from her tenure.

“Keep your bananas off my melons” Spring / Summer 2001; Autumn / Winter 2000
Chloé Autumn / Winter 2001 campaign at Notre Dame
“For the Chloé woman, the horse is a kindred spirit – like her, it runs wild and free.” Spring / Summer 2001

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