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Dr. Yannis Alexandrides

Inspired by the ingredients used to protect astronauts’ skin from the perils of space, 111SKIN was developed by cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides and grew out of his London practice. After collaborating with top space scientists to create a healing serum for patients recovering from procedures, the doctor realized that the formulas showed effective results when patients kept requesting more and more. This led Alexandrides to launch the full 111SKIN line of skincare solutions.

Now, the brand is introducing their latest breakthrough treatment, the LUNAR28 Day Brightening and Anti-Aging System, which combats dullness, signs of damage, and fine lines to reveal glowing, renewed skin. We spoke with Dr. Alexandrides himself about the easy-to-use 28-day regime, which yes, you can do comfortably at home to receive clinical-quality results.

The Window: The latest Lunar28 treatment mimics cycles of the moon—what was the science behind these special formulas?
Dr. Yannis Alexandrides: The 28-day cycle is actually a biological cycle, not just that of the moon. Many things happen within 28 days, one of them being the renewal of skin cells—it’s incredible that nature is all synchronized like that. Apart from the cycle synchronization, in 28 days the skin has time to become familiar with the product, which prevents any irritations. We wanted to create a system that brightens skin and evens out the tone, similar to what is used in our plastic surgery clinic. This is a medical-grade treatment that’s friendly and safe to use nightly.

111SKIN LUNAR28 Day Brightening and Anti-Aging System

What are the steps in using LUNAR28?
First, all products should be used at night after cleansing and toning. The treatment is divided in four different weeks with four different types of bottles. Week 1, the big bottle on the left, is the preparatory stage where enzymatic peeling occurs to clean the skin and open pores. Key ingredients like Exfolactive EL accentuate the skin’s natural enzymes, and Allantoion soothes and protects. For the second week, the active brightening Brightenyl is used. Use one little bottle for each of the seven nights, that way there is no confusion as to how much product to use. Week 3 introduces potent retinoid resurfacers to smooth skin texture. Hydronic acid is also in the formula for this week, to bring back some moisture. For the final week, the skin is shielded from pollution and soothed with antioxidants, to lock in all the changes.

Since LUNAR28 is applied at night, are there any products you recommend for daytime usage?
You won’t need any other products while using this system except perhaps a moisturizer for day and SPF to protect from the sun, which is always very important.

What are the final benefits and results of using all these ingredients together in a cycle?
The benefits are clarity of the skin and improvement in overall pigmentation without any irritation. Often, formulas sold in dermatologists’ offices can be in very complicated combinations, which dry out the skin and are difficult to use. The LUNAR28 system is a really consumer-friendly product that you can use at home without having to think, “What did I use yesterday? What do I use now?” It is a natural process that is truly results-driven.

111SKIN LUNAR28 Day Brightening and Anti-Aging System


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