dr-yannis-alexandrides (1)Until the arrival of a shuttle that allows us to travel at the speed of light (and thus maintain eternal youth), 111SKIN products are without question the most space-age approach to counteracting the cosmetic effects of time itself.

The hero ingredient found in the newest formula from Dr. Yannis Alexandrides happens to be found right here on planet earth. Ladies, we’re talking diamonds. Rare gem particles turned out to be the perfect vehicle to carry 111SKIN’s groundbreaking ingredients where no ingredient has ever gone before, penetrating your deepest dermal layers.

We sat down and quizzed Dr. Alexandrides all about his breakthrough Celestial Black Diamond Cream, available exclusively at Barneys in the U.S. But if you’d rather hear it from the source, Dr. Alexandrides will be giving personal consultations at our Madison Avenue Flagship this weekend, paired with customized 111SKIN facials. Time to take your beauty to an otherworldly level.

Tell us about the new Celestial Black Diamond Cream. How does it work and what are its effects?

It is a restorative and highly concentrated treatment that combines technologically advanced ingredients with groundbreaking medical research to target aging. The cream utilizes an innovative delivery system of rare diamond particles, only found in two places on earth—Central Africa and Brazil. The particles are microspheres that can penetrate the deeper dermal layer of the skin, transporting three essential youth restoring ingredients: the patented NAC Y2 formula, Collagen types I and III, and Hyaluronic Acid.

How did you discover the penetrative properties of black diamond particles?

My team of scientists are constantly researching the latest in ingredient innovation at our private 111SKIN lab, and two years ago we came across findings from top-secret cancer research studies, which found that black diamond particles are able to reach deeper into the cancer cells to insert the treatment medication that targets tumors. The scientists applied the same findings to skincare, and thus, the Celestial Black Diamond Collection was created.

111 Skin Black Diamond Cream

What makes 111SKIN different from other products on the market?

111SKIN is the next generation of anti-aging and solution specific skincare developed by me, a plastic surgeon, in collaboration with space scientists. It combines my knowledge of effectively targeting the signs of aging with space science expertise in protecting the skin against harsh environments. 111SKIN was never intended to be available for retail. The range came into fruition after patients at my Harley Street Clinic demanded to purchase my Y Theorem Repair Serum, a highly effective formula used to accelerate skin healing after surgical and non-surgical treatments. Patients who had used the serum began to cancel existing skincare orders at leading department stores, telling buyers that the serum was unrivaled.

What is your process for formulating products?

Once the scientists and I had refined our NAC Y2 formula, our production time was dramatically reduced. Now, this patented formula is the first ingredient included in each product. 111SKIN was developed for the needs of my patients who visit me at my Harley Street Clinic, and this is still an important part of product development. I see patients each day, all with different skincare concerns, so my inspiration comes mostly from them. Once I have an idea for a product, I speak to our scientists, who have been with me from day one and now work in our own independent 111SKIN laboratory. We trial our products rigorously, to ensure that the final formulation is the absolute ultimate solution to a specific skincare concern.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to women who are looking to improve their skin?

“Protect” and “renew” are the two words I use most often when speaking to patients. It’s the combination of these two actions that result in a radiant complexion. Each product in the 111SKIN range has been formulated with this dual purpose in mind: to protect from daily environmental aggressors while creating healthy, new skin cells.

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