X-Ray Vision: Ray Burns Introduces X-RAY Profumo

Your sense of smell, experts say, can be a powerful trigger for unlocking memories. But what if those memories were never yours in the first place? With X-RAY Profumo, a new line of unisex fragrances exclusive to Barneys New York, creator Ray Burns attempts to transport you to far off places in the near and distant past and, oh yes, even the future. Think of the gritty splendor of 1970s New York, the smoke-filled cafes of Palermo during the ’50s, or the ever-evolving Dubai. Now if only our Smell-O-Vision were working…

Until then, you’ll have to take it from Mr. Burns himself, who spent many years honing his craft at NARS. Today on The Window, he shares with us the inspiration behind each of the five fragrances in the X-RAY collection (Morphine, Plastique, Delirium, Ressurextion and Lacquered Rose) and the scent story each one tells.