Why We’re Called ‘The Window’

As any New Yorker can tell you, Barneys New York has long been famed for its spectacular window displays.

In fact, over the years, visiting the windows became a must-do outing, akin to visiting a gallery or a show.  After Thanksgiving each year, crowds of people gathered around the holiday windows to see what Barneys visionary Simon Doonan had magicked up.

(To read more about Doonan’s two decades in window display adventures, make sure to pick up a copy of his delightful book, Confessions of a Window Dresser).

As Barneys enters a new chapter, its windows will continue to delight and surprise New Yorkers and visitors alike, under the direction of Barneys New York Creative Director Dennis Freedman.

And here at The Window, you’ll have a window into the Barneys world: a behind-the-scenes visit with exciting designers, fashion, events, and the Barneys team.

Visit anytime: there will always be something stylish, luxurious, and witty going on.

- The Barneys team

Barneys New York, Madison Avenue, 1999: A Cleopatra made from beer bottle caps