Where Alexander Wang Should Host His Fashion Week After-party

No one could ever accuse certain designers of being boring or predictable.  Take Alexander Wang, for example – the wunderkind whose apparel has come to epitomize downtown chic.

Several seasons ago, Mr. Wang stole the scene by throwing a rather unlikely Fashion Week fete.  While other designers opted to throw afterparties at sleek lofts with designed lighting, Mr. Wang settled on a decidedly different bit of real estate in Manhattan’s trendy Meatpacking District:

A gas station.

Mr. Wang’s crew frolicked until the wee hours, dancing on the petrol-doused pavement and raiding the shelves of the station’s convenience store.  Irreverence reigned; headlines were made.

With Fashion Week getting underway in just a few days, we thought we’d suggest a few amusing venues to Mr. Wang for this season’s afterparty.  The theme: integral-yet-often-overlooked New York City institutions.

Revelers, get ready for some good times.

*   *   *

You are Cordially Invited to Mr. Wang’s Fashion Week After-party at …

1.  The Circle Line. These rickety-yet-iconic Manhattan-circling tourist cruise boats would make a perfectly wonderful alternative to the clichéd sunset yacht tour.  Perhaps Wang could design a matching shoe-and-life-jacket ensemble for his invitees: very nautical-chic.

2.  The Carnegie Deli. The 70s are back; everyone in the fashion set says so.  No place is more Annie Hall-esque than the Carnegie Deli.  Why should tourists get to have all the fun?  Plus, their to-die-for dill pickles are perfect for glamouristas on low-carbs diets.

3.  Drago’s Shoe-shine Parlor at Penn Station, with its famous sign declaring: “We Do Save Soles.” The good news: any stilettos worn down by dancing could be fixed on the spot.

4.  Wollman Ice-Skating Rink at Central Park. Swap out your Louboutins for a pair of blue hockey skates; rough it out on the ice.  On tap at the on-site coffee shop: popcorn and hot chocolate – with marshmallows.

5.  Ottomanelli Brothers.  Move the party into a literal meat market.  The establishment got a mention in Mad Men recently, which means that it truly has reached a certain cultural significance.

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- Lesley M. M. Blume

The particularly gorgeous Alexander Wang portrait above was taken by Sebastian Kim.